Fat transfer, natural way for breast augmentation

If Breast Implant Augmentation intimidates you, switch over to the natural Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation to boost up your size!

Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation has been a popular choice as a dual solution for form correction and breast augmentation. This procedure grafts fat from the thigh or the waist to the breast as an alternative to Breast implant.

Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation is a safe and effective surgery that eliminates unnecessary fat and gives your breasts pure and natural fat. It is also useful for those with unbalanced breasts since the surgery can work to balance them out. There is another procedure for breast augmentation under the same principle, called the Breast Filler. The Filler and Transfer follows a similar principle but there are different pros and cons for each, so today, we will focus on Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation and keep the details of Breast Filler for next time.

In general, Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation works in the following ways:

1. Extract fat through a mini-liposuction surgery (At this time, you can proceed to a complete liposuction surgery if you wish)

2. The extracted fat is processed via centrifugation to separate out the unwanted components from pure fat.

3. The pure fat is put in a syringe to graft to the breasts and and the Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation is proceeded.

4. In the case of a second surgery, the extracted fat is kept in a freezer, and the surgery is wrapped up.  

However, Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation is not appropriate for everyone. Fat Transfer cannot be proceeded for those whose breasts are too small or there is not enough fat in other parts of the body. So, who needs Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation?

1. Those who want form correction and breast enlargement simultaneously

2. Those whose breasts are small in proportion to their body

3. Those who want to balance out the volume or size on both sides

4. Those who want to avoid a breast implant

5. In the case where Fat Transfer is proceeded along with Implant for those whose breasts are too small but still want an enlargement.

6. In the case where the flesh is so thin that there is a possibility of the Implant showing through

It is widely believed that Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation has a lower engraftment rate because the procedure operates broadly throughout the body. However, this depends on the skill of the performing doctor. Because the fat is not 100% engrafted, at the initial stage after the surgery, the breast may seem bigger than expected, but over time, approximately 30% deflates. During the post-surgery stage, blood vessels develop in between the gaps of fat cells trying to be engrafted. Hence, a good management during this post-surgery stage is key for a semi-permanent result of fat transfer.

There may be side effects because Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation injects your own fat cells back into your body, so a specially well-treated surgical environment is crucial to prevent infection. Preventing side effects is the most wise action.

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