Achieve girl group leg line with a ‘calf surgery!’

It’s all about slimmer and skinny leg lines!

Slim and fit leg lines have always been women’s number one desire and ambition. In order to achieve this perfect body line, it’s important to not only lose fats on the inner part of thighs but also chubby fats and muscles on calves. But it’s extra hard to lose these chubby calf-fats even with a plenty of exercise. Why does our lower body stand out too much even though we wear skinny jeans in order to look slimmer and fit?

Calf-muscles may have to do with genetic causes but they sometimes become larger and chubbier due to an excessive use of muscles. Women’s common habit of wearing high heels may lead to development of calf-muscles. It’s extra difficult to maintain slim calf-line since calves consist of thick muscle layers rather than fats. So people’s ordinary way of massaging calves with beer bottles or plastic wraps do not exactly help.

Slender thighs and thin calves may be a difficult goal to achieve just by exercising so people tend to seek help from calf surgery. So called ‘calf plastic surgery’ is for those with large calf muscles, chubby fats and both great amount of fats and muscles on calves along with asymmetric calves.

What are different types of calf surgery?

Among different types of calf surgery, there is neurotomy operation using high radiation, muscle involution that condenses selected muscle areas and Botox treatments using drugs. Neurotomy operation that involves high radiation and muscle involution gives long-lasting effect and reduces muscle size.

For those with masculine calves, high-radiation operation may be more effective for reducing the size and volume of calves rather than Botox treatments on a regular basis.

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More about the trendiest ‘calf surgeries’

1. Calf Reduction Surgery (1-hour operation, local or sedation anesthesia, no need for hospitalization)

One of the most popular and trendiest calf reduction surgeries, it does not require incision and degenerates muscles by blocking nerves of gastrocnemius muscle.

Former ‘muscle dissolution treatment’ may lead to many side-effects due to adhesion from widespread of drugs injected into treated areas. On the other hands, the recent neurotomy operation is safer and in higher quality because it blocks only the selected nerve areas with thermal energy.

And unlike the former muscle involution operation where it burns muscles, the latest calf reduction surgery usually gives less pain and swelling which allows patients to return to their daily life as fast as possible. And the operation also gives more slender and balanced calf-line because all muscle parts of calves are proportionately treated.  

Who should get it?

  • People with masculine calves

  • People with asymmetric calf-muscles

  • People with high pressure of getting surgeries

  • People who have hard time losing calf-fats 

What are the major benefits?

  • Simple non-incision treatment: People who have a great pressure of receiving surgeries can put their worries aside from this non-surgical measure regardless of their age or body figure.

  • One shot, one kill: Just with one treatment, patients can take an advantage of long-lasting and almost eternal effect.

  • Eradication of only selected muscles areas: The operation reduces a change of tissue damage and focuses on only destroying unnecessary muscle areas while also taking care of skin elasticity problems. Since it only destroys nerves, patients can immediately get back to their daily life without worrying about side effects such as swelling, bruises or pain.

  • Local anesthesia: The operation hours are very short only lasting 30 to 60 minutes.

2. Double Skinny Treatment (30-60 minutes, no need for anesthesia, total of 4 treatments on a weekly basis)

It’s especially difficult to lose fats on calves despite of going on a diet. This is because calves mostly consist of muscles and fats except bone areas and most people have developed muscles and calves rather than just muscles or fats. So in order to make a slimmer leg line, it’s important to reduce the volume of muscles and fats at the same time. Double skinny treatment reduces the amount of fats with laser and leads to muscle atrophy through injection. So double skinny treatment not only makes slimmer legs by decreasing thickness of calves but also straightens leg lines which would boost up your confidence!

Who should get it?

  • People with much developed calf-muscles

  • People with excessive asymmetric calf-muscles

  • People wishing for a slender calf-line

  • People who have been unsatisfied with other injection or Botox treatments

  • People who have been suffering from recurrence of neurotomy operation or muscle involution surgeries.

What are core advantages?

  • It presents a very natural looking leg-line by reducing both fats and muscles of calves

  • There’s barely any influence on daily life since the treatment is non-surgical

  • Treatment hours are very short and there’s no need for anesthesia

  • There’s nearly no chance of pain, scars, swelling or bleeding

  • There’s also less chance of side-effects such as uneven shapes or heels not being able to touch the ground

Sum-up of Calf Surgery

  • Operation hours: 30-60 minutes

  • Anesthesia: local or sedation (propofol) anesthesia

  • Recovery: Patients can get back to their normal daily life a day after the operation

Since calves play a very important role in our body, the operation should particularly focus on finding and blocking nerves of the treated area. So make sure to have one-on-one consultation with many experts and also check whether the hospital you choose has 24-hour anesthesia department, separate medical teams for all departments and emergency safety system for patients.

Most important thing before receiving calf operation or treatment is having a carefully tailored one-on-one consultation with an expert. During a consultation, make sure to have discussions based on individual body figure, age and different conditions of calf fats and muscles so your doctor can proceed with a safe operation from a detailed analysis on your individual needs. Last but not least, always keep in mind that outcomes and side-effects such as bleeding and infection from operations or treatments may vary depending on individual conditions. Safety and careful consideration are keys to having a successful outcome and beautiful calf-line!  

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