Final puzzle to your adorable face? ‘Dimple’ is the key piece!

Photo: Gyalumhan Plastic Surgery
It’s natural to cast an extra glance at those with lovely smiles and dimpled cheeks. Since dimples are considered a major charm of a person, popularity of ‘dimple creation surgery’ is increasing more and more for favorable impression. In the past, many people were hesitant of undergoing such operations due to concerns of unnatural movement of mouth and complex post-operation care that follows. Now, patients can put those worries aside as simple ‘minimally invasive surgery’ has been widely adopted along with more convenient after-care.
Dimple surgery is known for its short operation hours, usually taking no more than 30 minutes and a fast recovery. If you are extra more careful, you can get back to your daily life almost immediately! Patients normally go through 'anesthesia’ during the surgery while ‘local anesthesia’ can also be an option when getting a dimple on just one side.
The shape of dimple, either short or long determines one’s impression. Short folds give more lively and adorable image while long indentation delivers more feminine and elegant impression. Dimple creation surgery is all about giving a hint of accent to a dull face and creating a beautiful smile! Depending on preference, you can either receive the treatment on just one side or both sides of your cheek. Here are some tips for perfect recovery from the operation.
* Precautions and after-care tips
1.The treated area may seem deeply dented right after the surgery, but this will eventually become natural as time proceeds
2.No need to take out the suture inside the mouth as it will naturally melt
3.Very low chance of the area becoming swollen, but post-care is still a must! Put cold packs on the area for the first 2-3 days and hot packs for the next three.
4.Oral hygiene is most important after the operation. Gargle your mouth as frequent as possible while avoid brushing the treated area.
5.Drink fluids for the first two days and avoid eating hot and strong-tasting foods.
6.Try avoid laughing hard, yawning and excessive friction
7.Refrain from heavy drinking and smoking after the surgery

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