Water your skin with Aqua Shine Injection!

As the autumn comes, you may realize your skin begins to suffer from drier air. Moisturization is the solution for dry and chapped skin. Yet, we can't just drink water until our skin fully moisturizes and what if our moisturizing lotion and cream are just not enough? There is a way to directly reward our skin the moisture it needs: Hyaluronic Acid Injection (also known as the Aqua Shine Injection). The injection can be mixed with other substances to reach different expectation for every individuals. What better gift can there possibly be for our dry skin?

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What is Aqua Shine Injection?

First, Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance found in all our bodies. This procedure injects hyaluronic acid that contains 200-300 times more water than our body directly to the dermis skin. Because the water is directly supplied, it will relieve dryness faster and even without applying supplementary cream after washing your face, your skin will still retain the moisture and freshness.  

The hottest trend in Korea is using Dermashine for Aqua Shine Injection to reduce pain and loss of substances.

So, what is Dermashine?

It is a medicinal device that allows Hyaluronic acid to be injected at a fixed depth and a consistent volume. 

1)     Can inject precise volume to an exact depth

2)     Procedure is fast and simple

3)     Short recovery time that allows you to get back to your daily life

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The Aqua Shine Injection has a unique characteristic in that it can be mixed with other substances, such as Botox, PRP, skin-lightening ample and etc., depending on individual's skin type. So, which substance is suitable for your skin type?

1) Botox

Wrinkles pave in easier in drier skins so people with dry skin usually have more fine wrinkles and creases than others. Performing the Aqua Shine Injection with Botox can improve fine wrinkles and even give you a lifting effect, so young people in their 20s and 30s can easily be treated. This procedure gives you results almost immediately so many clients undergo the procedure just before an important shooting or meeting.

2) PRP

The PRP Injection uses your own blood to regenerate new skin eliminating scars. Combining the Aqua Shine Injection with PRP will make the shine and moisture last longer.

3) Skin Lightening Injection

Even if you have moist, fresh skin, it would not appear so if your skin tone is dull. The Aqua Shine Injection mixed with skin-lightening ample will solve this problem.

Recently, there have been more substances that help reduce pain.

More info?

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