Hair and makeup trends that are all the rage among Korean celebrities

Most of us have had encountered some form of Korean pop culture before, be it K-pop, K-drama or Korean variety shows. With the recent Korean thriller movie “Parasite” winning an Oscar for the Best Picture, Korean pop culture is making quite a splash in the entertainment world. With the rise of Korean pop culture, more people are also getting interested in the style and fashion trends that they see on their favourite celebrities.

If you follow the news on Korean celebrities, you would know that they always look perfect, no matter where you catch them. We try to uncover the mystery behind this by speaking to the leading beauty salon in Seoul, Jenny House. Jenny House sees many Korean celebrity clients, who begin their day at the salon by getting a full head-to-toe (literally) makeover. At Jenny House, there are a range of hair, makeup and nail styling services to choose from. We spoke to Jenny House’s Manager at Chungdam Hill, Hye Min, to find out more about the current hair and makeup trends in Korea.

Eunogo: Please tell us more about Jenny House.

Hye Min: Jenny House is a total beauty salon where you can enjoy hair, makeup, and nail services in one place. It is a place where both men and women can experience trendy and sophisticated styling.

Eunogo: What are the makeup and hair trends to pay attention to in 2020?

Hye Min: For makeup, matte lipstick had been the trend in the past, but this year the trend is moisturizing and glossy lip products that look transparent and natural.

As for hair style, medium-length hair with texture that stands out is the trend in 2020.

Eunogo: What makes Korean makeup & hair styling different from other countries?

Hye Min: Everyone has a different face and head shape, and the way we look under different lighting is also different. I think what sets apart Korean makeup and hair styling from that of other countries is that we customize the styling for each person, to emphasize the desirable features and complement the undesirable features.

Also, rather than putting on heavy or thick makeup, I think many Koreans want to express their clear skin through transparent and natural makeup.

Eunogo: Jenny House is frequented by many top stars in Korea. Can you share us more which celebrities have visited?

Hye Min: We’ve been in-charge of styling actress Song Jihyo, singers Jeon Hyosung and TVXQ, and many other celebrities.

Eunogo: What kind of styles do celebrities usually ask for?

Hye Min: Celebrities tend to prefer natural “no-makeup” makeup look that emphasizes their clear skin tone and looks pure and elegant.

Eunogo: Do you have any makeup and hairstyling tips for Eunogo customers living in the hot weather of Southeast Asia?

Hye Min: You should apply eye primer and base primer thoroughly before applying makeup. This helps to prevent makeup from moving easily in the hot weather.

When completing your makeup, pat the T-zone where there's a lot of sebum and the outer parts of the face where makeup is easily smudged by hair lightly with powder. This will make your makeup softer and last longer even in hot weather.

Eunogo: Jenny House is known to create styles that are tailored to each customer. What do you focus on when styling?

Hye Min: We analyze the individual’s personal colours first, and then pick colours that match their personal colors for hair and makeup.

In Korea, personal colour is an important concept that most women know about. By comparing various colours on your skin tone, you can find out the colours that complement you the best. Colours that suit you will make your skin tone look brighter and clearer. This can be adapted to makeup and fashion.

Eunogo: What are the advantages of Jenny House, that sets you apart from other salons?

Hye Min: Since we’ve styled so many celebrities and customers, there’s a variety of designers to choose from, all of whom have their own styles that they are great in. We’re also located in Chungdam-dong, a place famous for pioneering the latest trends in the Korean beauty industry. The designers here have studied and acquired many technical skills after being here for a long time.

Eunogo: We would like to find out more about wedding styling. What's special at Jenny House's wedding styling?

Hye Min: People tend to think that it is a must to have extravagant and over-the-top styling for weddings. Here at Jenny House, our approach is a natural, non-excessive wedding style that helps to bring out the strengths and complements the weaknesses of the bride.

Eunogo: What's the current trends in wedding styling?

Hye Min: The current trend for wedding styling is makeup with coral color. Coral eyeshadow, blush, lip colour are all the rage in Korea, because it gives a pop of colour yet maintains a soft look.

Eunogo: Is there anything to be careful about when getting a wedding styling?

Hye Min: Many brides come with eyelash extensions. However, it might not fit the style that the designer has created for you. It would be better if you come without eyelash extensions, and we can lengthen them if necessary.

Eunogo: Are there any celebrity wedding stylings that were particularly memorable for you?

Hye Min: Yes, that would be actress Song Jihyo’s wedding styling for the Cosmo Bride photoshoot.


We hope that this insight on hair and makeup trends has been helpful for everyone, and that everyone can find their best style in 2020! You can also book an appointment at Jenny House via Eunogo coming with a translator in English, Bahasa and Chinese. 


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