How a top Korean dermatologist treats pores

Pores are spaces where hair grow, and they are also connected to the sebaceous glands. The sebum produced by the sebaceous glands flows through the pores to the skin's surface of the skin. The diameter of pores are usually approximately 0.02 to 0.05mm, but they can be increased and tightened with changes in seasons, age, and other factors. As you approach your mid-20s, you may become more worried about your pores. Typical skin problems brought on by aging that cannot be avoided are pigmentation and pore issues.

Unlike pigmentation issues where the main cause is melanin, pore problems are much more complex, and the treatments for large pores are not straightforward since there can be many causes. Past the mid-20s, pore concerns begin to grow, and the most convenient and easily accessible method for most people to reduce their pore size is with cosmetic and skincare products. Recently, many "pore-reducing" or "pore-erasing" products have gained much popularity. Yet, many people don't see any results with these products.

Fortunately, Dr. Kim Jiseon from MH Clinic, one of the top dermatologists whose patients include top Korean celebrities and socialites has talked to Eunogo for medical solutions for enlarged pores. 

Dr. Kim Jiseon from MH Clinic

Q. Why do I not see any results from using pore minimizing products?

Cosmetic companies are not wrong when they advertise their products to be good for pores, but those products are usually catered for healthy pores. Healthy pores are generally invisible or very fine, you have normal or close to normal skin elasticity. For many who have pore issues, their pores are enlarged due to scarring or acne, and have lost their elasticity. Therefore, these products are good for those with normal skin elasticity and healthy pores, but the effect is very minimal for the enlarged pores that people are concerned about. No matter how good the products are, the scarred tissue can no longer be tightened because it has already adhered to its shape, so it can only be tightened by releasing these adhesions and rebuilding the skin.

Q. What are the effective treatments for pores then?

The standard treatment for such pores is to cut the edges of the pore scar holes that are already open with a fine laser to clear the boundaries of the surrounding areas. Skin Lasers such as Legato, Tenor, or AirJet are used in combination with Fraxel Laser or Sellas, can help with the pores.

Improve Skin Tone: Regato

Regato Laser can be used to examine the skin and help regenerate collagen in areas where fibrous tissue has clumped into scars. Deep and strong RF heat can be applied to the skin to help it regenerate, smoothing out scars into a constant thickness, reducing scar marks and improving skin elasticity. It improves pores and wrinkles in addition to scarring, making the skin tone brighter.

With Lifting Effects: Tenor

A system that uses high-quality, high-mainstream waves to vibrate water molecules in the deep tissued to promote collagen regeneration and reduce cellulite and fat. It created a sensation in the U.S. and Japan after obtaining FDA approval in 2002. The Tenor operates at 40.68MHz, which generates a lot of thermal energy at the border between the epidermis and the dermis, and regenerates collagen. Also, high-mainstream heat is injected into deep tissue to restore normal cell function, promote blood circulation, lipolysis, and normalize hormone balance, which has been transformed by tissue temperature rise and vascular expansion. When used on the face, collagen synthesis and lifting effects are made even greater when merged with procedures like Sculptra, Doublo, Dermatoxin, and Thread Lifting.

Painless: AirJet

AirJet uses fast jet principle to minimize damage to the epidermis, it uses strong jets of air to separate the fibrous structures that pull onto the skin from under the scar. It also delivers active ingredients into the target layer, which stimulates and activates the production of fibroblasts biologically, and stimulates collagen synthesis by stimulating the growth factor of skin cells, thereby increasing the thickness of the skin after treatment and showing excellent treatment effects in scars, wrinkles, and lifting.

Also for pigmentation and signs of aging: Sellas

With Sellas, laser energy is administered by creating tiny fine holes of a certain depth on the surface. This will help to resolve pigmentation and improve deep scars, pores reduction, and wrinkles. Healthy cells and tissues will not be damaged because it targets the damaged areas accurately.

Effective: Fraxel

Pores that are already enlarged are smoothened to the skin surface and treated from the deep dermis in the skin to improve not only the pores but also the skin's scars, skin texture and wrinkles. It is a procedure that induces tissue reactions by causing small wounds in the laser irradiated area in the same way as countless small dots, thereby smoothing out new skin tones and skin texture.

Q. What should I know before getting these procedures?

Since these procedures can cause excessive skin irritation, it is important to promote rapid skin regeneration after the treatment. To do so, Dr. Kim recommends post-treatment care such as Luminus Cell Therapy, which can help blood circulation and skin regeneration. After treating these pore scars, the pores should be kept healthy by continuously removing dead skin cells and excess sebum, targeting the appropriate layers at regular intervals. In general, if you exfoliate or regularly remove excess sebum four to five times a week, you can expect pore contraction in the long run.

Pore issues can induce other skin problems, such as sagging skin, skin trouble, and other pigmentation issues, so continuous management is important. Cosmetic products that are good for pores can also help maintain these pores. However, in the case of pore issues, there are certain limitations of improvement with these products, and in these cases, laser or other management devices can be used. The patient below committed to consistent pore management, and saw great results.

Dr. Kim shares that from her long experience in dermatology, pores are the most time-consuming condition to treat, so don't forget to pay attention to your pores and take good care of them, which is very important for maintaining healthy skin in the future.

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