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The nose plays a very large part in determining first impressions. It is positioned in the center of the face and protrudes, so it is the most eye-catching facial feature. 

In fact, nose surgery, also known as rhinoplasty, is effective in creating a natural and balanced impression. The change in the nose increases the three-dimensional effect of the contour of the face, creates a more sophisticated image, and makes the rest of the face appear relatively smaller. A rhinoplasty can result in dramatic appearance transformation.

Dr. Kim Dong Gul from Pop Plastic Surgery

However, if you only focus on getting a higher nose bridge, the results of the surgery can look unnatural or worse than before the surgery, because a rhinoplasty is all about facial balance. According to Dr Kim Dong Gul from Pop Plastic Surgery, it is advisable to approach a plastic surgeon for a thorough examination, preparation, customized plans, and consultation in order to maximise satisfaction with the results of the surgery.

What is Rhino-plant surgery?

The term is the combination of "Rhinoplasty" and "Implant". It is a newly popular surgery method that increases chance to create the ideal nose shape that is the most suitable for each individual. The nose is modelled with plaster to determine the exact nose shape before and after surgery. The surgery is designed after considerations of the individual's skin thickness, length, and width of the nose. The tip of the nose and nose bridge should look balanced, so that a natural yet distinct impression can be created.

What are the benefits of using nose implant?

Unlike traditional rhinoplasty, the post-operative results of Rhino-plant procedure can be predicted with a customized plaster modelling. Since the patients and doctors are able to predict the results before the surgery, the effectiveness of surgery for various nose shapes is enhanced and there is lower cases of revision surgery needed.

Who is this surgery for?

The current trend for rhinoplasty is a natural-looking nose. In Rhino-plant procedure, a plaster copy of the patient's nose is created before the surgery and it is used to produce a detailed plan based on it to create the desired nose shape, height, and prosthesis suitable for the individual. A variety of rhinoplasty surgeries can be performed with this method, such as nose tip surgery, aquiline nose correction, arrow nose correction, nose bridge surgery, for both males and females.

Photo Credit: Pop Plastic Surgery

What else should we take note of for rhinoplasty?

"For satisfactory results, you should aim for a nose that fits your face rather than a high nose bridge that Western celebrities have", said Dr. Kim Dong Gul. Given the high difficulty and complexity of rhinoplasty, only plastic surgeons with years of experience and skill can produce satisfactory results. Patients are advised to check with their plastic surgeons first and proceed with the surgery after systematic consultation.

More info?

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