Is dieting a life long assignment?

The romantic comedy film from 2006, 200 Pounds Beauty, was a big hit in Korea. The main character in the movie is a plump female Han-na, who dreams of becoming a singer, but her size covers her amazing vocal talent to sing behind backstage as a mere 'ghost singer' for the famous pop singer, Ammy. Having lived under everybody's shadow her whole life with no confidence and a low self-esteem, Han-na eventually decides to get a complete plastic surgery on her entire body. This movie tells the story of Han-na, who had the courage to execute the complete plastic surgery make-over and live a new life. One of the biggest transformation was definitely her body, which transforms into a slim S-line fitting into size 0 pants from an elephantine body. How could this be possible?

People say diet is a lifelong assignment because it is easier to add weight than staying fit. We can become fit through exercising, but this can be limited for specific body parts and some body types. If you have tried dieting and exercising to no avail, we recommend liposuction surgery. However, unlike in the movie, one-time liposuction for the entire body is not plausible. Considering the healing and recovery period, it is safer to do a whole body liposuction surgery progressively.

About liposuction

Liposuction surgery does not simply reduce the weight, but creates a balanced body line through eliminating unnecessary fat tissue that is hard to get rid of through dieting or exercise. Although there are a variety of surgical instruments, these only vary slightly, so the most important part of the operation lies in the skill of the surgeon. The surgery is proceeded differently for different cases: 1) When you have too much fat throughout the entire body; 2) When you can't lose fat even through exercise and diet; 3) When you want to eliminate unnecessary fat in specific areas; 4) When you want a short-term form correction.

The specific process would vary according to various hospitals, but generally the process is as such: Consultation - Design - Surgery - Recovery.

1) A close examination

A satisfying result can only be achieved by taking into account one's body type and the thickness of the fat layer. You can consult a professional surgeon for detailed fat examination and how your result will look like after the surgery.

2) Surgery Preparation and Procedure

On the day of the surgery, you should be fully prepared with an empty stomach. In order to have a safe operation, you will be asked to answer a few questions before anesthesia and the surgery will be proceeded by the doctor in charge.

The surgery may be proceeded with several instruments, so you should know what instruments the hospital possesses, and which instruments will be appropriately used for you. Traditionally, liposuction surgery has been using Tumescent solution in general, but recently, there has been other instruments that reduces pain and shortens recovery period. 

3) It is possible to go home on the day of the surgery.

After a sufficient amount of rest after the surgery, you can be discharged. In the recovery room, you will wear the compression garment and rest and after a thorough description of post-op care and management, you are free to go home.

4) Recovery is very important.

Your care and management can begin after removing the stitches 7-10 days after the surgery. If you are staying in Korea, various after-care treatments will be useful, but you can choose to go to the massage shop after the bruising goes away. You may not need a massage care depending on the hospital, but in order to prevent adhesion or bumpiness, massage care is important. You should avoid strenuous exercises for at least a week after the stitch removal, but from then on, you can get back to any normal activities. 

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Tips on choosing a hospital 

1. Check safety 

Although it depends on the amount and the region of fat for suction, liposuction surgery is a relatively long procedure. Therefore, it is better to be operated in a hospital with a residing anesthesiologist and aseptic facilities.

2. More is not always the best

Suctioning a large amount of fat does not always mean a good liposuction surgery. Only eliminating the effective, necessary area is what matters. Oversuction may lead to unusual lumpiness, skin stricture or wrinkling after recovery.

3. How fast is recovery?

Following a smooth, professional operation, there will be less bumpy side effects and your recovery should be fast. You may feel uncomfortable for up to 3 days, but will be fully recovered in about a week. It is important to carry out the recovery program provided by the hospital. However, in the case where you cannot prolong your stay in Korea, in order to accomodate the recovery at home, you should try to choose a hospital that would leave minimal scarring during the operation. 

The criteria of choosing the right liposuction hospital will vary for individuals. Surprisingly, there are many people who choose any hospitals, not taking into account any standards or criteria! Experts have advised that people should carefully choose their hospitals, particularly for liposuction. Before being tempted by the price or a certain sale event, you should first confirm the hospital's safety and hygiene system.

4. Will it leave any scars?

The liposuction is performed using a catheter with about 5-mm incision line, so it may leave a little scar. It may leave a more noticeable scar, especially for those with keloidal skin. Nevertheless, you can treat the surgical scar with scar-removing injection or cream.

5. Would I not regain weight?

Liposuction reduces the actual number of fat cells so it is harder to gain weight, but it is possible to add weight throughout your entire body. That is why experts emphasize the importance of post-op care. To maximize the effect of the surgery, you should regularly balance out your diet with healthy foods and exercise regularly.

Consistent care is necessary even after the liposuction surgery, you should not decide on it as a one-shot goal. If you don't have a healthy life pattern, such as a good diet or a regular workout routine, you may gain weight in non-operated areas, or may need a re-operation. While more patients are increasingly going into surgery without knowing any information beforehand, you need to make sure you get sufficient information through consultation beforehand.

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