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Let’s take a closer look at beauty trends for 2016. What women consider ‘ideal’ in beauty trend has changed every year. Back in the day, so-called ‘bagel women’ with fuller and natural-looking breasts and baby face was a big hit. But this year’s trend is all about healthy figures with some muscles. Since people’s focus has shifted to staying healthy, beauty standard has also changed to healthy and natural-looking style. So what it-girls find trending has faced a turning point as well. Their focus is more on apple hips rather than fuller breasts and a fit body rather than younger-looking face. Along with that, there has been an increasing demand in treatment ingredient such as Botox and filler as semi-permanent plastic surgery – known as ‘petit treatment’ has gained popularity. You can eye-witness the popularity of the treatment through a recent stat showing that South Korea’s filler market has reached over 86 billion won.
Hottest trend is all about ‘natural beauty’
Every media’s focus is all on ‘natural-looking beauty’ as we mark 2016. In details, beauty trend of this year can be defined as inborn, natural and inartificial looks that do not require too many changes. And medical system has continuously developed overtime to meet the needs of people that had fear of receiving surgeries. Now, people can put their worries aside by taking an advantage of non-surgical treatments that do not require incision or injection but giving similar outcomes as surgeries.
Dr. Kim Il-Hwan (an expert of plastic surgery) from ID Hospital has commented that “the recent trend in plastic surgery is creating natural looks as if patients did not receive surgeries or operations so people easily undergo re-operations or petit surgeries.”
So you no longer have to take a pressure and burden of going through extreme pain or anesthesia as well as fearful side-effects and accidents in order to pursue true beauty! Keep in mind that artificial beauty that stands out too much is no longer at the center of beauty trend. 
Although I’m satisfied with my inborn beauty, just a bit more extra would never hurt!  
In the past, surgeries and operations involving complex and long procedures were the only ways to erase wrinkles. But nowadays, these old-style surgeries such as facial augmentation or lifting operations are only preceded at inevitable situations. Simple and easy-going lifting measures have been continuously developed as alternatives. In addition, more natural facial lifting treatments have become possible due to development of diverse and thin threads. It’s a wonderful news that there are more number of options allowing us to pursue inartificial beauty without affecting our daily life.
Having both eyelid surgery and nose job at the same time almost worked as the most popular option in order to make a life-changing experience. But today’s trend is just having epicanthoplasty or lateral canthoplasty rather than having double-eyelid surgery in order to maintain individual’s eye shapes. Demand for nose-job has shifted to preference on filler as an alternative. And for people who couldn’t be perfectly satisfied with just filler, various related treatments such as ‘easy-nose,’ ‘miss-nose’ or ‘semi-permanent filler’ have gained popularity as supplementary measures. And I think we can also look forward to continuous improvement in more developed surgical measures that can replace former complex surgeries due to people’s ever-lasting interest in younger-looking face! 
For your New Year’s resolution, don’t force yourself all the way but rather be consistent!
Body surgeries are no longer just add-ons or supplementary surgeries for hip ladies pursing perfection in their body figure. One of the hottest trends for 2016 is ‘fitness.’ And this does not mean completely changing your body figure but rather finding a perfect body proportion and angle. So many people’s focus is on different exercises that can keep straight-lined body posture in order to escape from wide pelvis, drooped chest or bent back resulted from unhealthy living habits.
Since everyone has different body proportion or angles, many patients have started to select a suitable and tailored body surgery that meets their individual body figure rather than just going for so-called C-cup (large sized) breast surgery. So instead of complex liposuction, people’s interest is on other treatments such as injection that help them to lose weight. In order to meet this kind of demand, most hospitals and clinics have put their efforts in creating different fitness programs and promotions. Apart from the past where just ‘beauty’ itself was people’s main focus, ‘healthy beauty reflecting individual’s own character’ is at the center of people’s interest.
Among people’s 2016 wish list or to-do-list, having plastic surgery has ranked within top 10. So this already shows how much people are interested in plastic surgeries. But make sure to have the most amazing and beautiful 2016 by making a ‘right’ choice that meet your own needs and wants. We wish you a most trendy and hip New Year!

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