Is Motiva the most natural looking breast implant?

Breast augmentation is one of the most popular plastic surgeries in Korea. I wasn’t surprised when my friend Y decided to go under the knife as well. My friend Y has a gorgeous face and a beautiful body line, but always had a complex with her flat-chest. When she went to the beach this summer vacation, she didn’t, or rather couldn’t, get on a new bikini because of her small size.

breast implants in korea

  Source: Grace Plastic Surgery Clinic

Many Korean celebrities have transformed into “bagel body”- a terminology that represents a female figure with a baby face but also with a glamorous body. Similarly, public demand for breast augmentation continues to soar, with various implants currently being developed and performed in surgeries to meet those needs. Given the series of evolution implants have undergone over the past decade and the resulting variety to choose from, it is worthwhile to take a moment and go over which implant type best suits you.

There are three popular types of breast implants widely used in Korea: Round, Tear-drop and Motiva. ‘Motiva’ is the one of the latest implants that offers the most natural feeling and shape after surgery.

Here are the key advantages of Motiva:

  • Ultra-soft, form-stable filling gel for optimal shaping and a soft natural texture

  • Stronger and more durable breast implants

  • Minimal incision (2.5-3cm) resulting in less pain, bleeding, less scarring and faster recovery which takes about 3-7 days

  • Minimized risk of contracture

A drawback of Motiva implant is its cost. The price is about 20% higher than Tear-drop and 30-40% higher than Round.

Motiva implants have established a level of product innovation that always put safety as its priority. Its safety technology is FDA approved. In addition, Motiva implants are applicable for CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) insurance system, which offers re-operation fee from insurance to patients who have any problems after the surgery. ‘Motiva’ implants are dealt only in a few Korean clinics that possess official procedure license. If you want safe but also satisfying results, consider ‘Motiva’ implants!    

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