The Secret of Vaginal Tightening in Korea

vaginal tightening

Having a baby often leads to stretching out vagina. Vaginoplasty to tighten it back up has secretly become a "not uncommon" thing among Korean ladies. 

Vaginal procedures have been developed in many ways thanks to the advance of modern medical science. Certain types of vaginal procedures which needed to be proceeded with surgery can be done in a non-invasive way. Patients even can expect a better results from this. We are talking about vaginal filler, vaginal tightening, laser program, stem cells and so on. 

Today we will walk through about laser vaginal tightening, currently the most popular non-invasive vaginal procedure in Korea. This 45-minute procedure results in not only vaginal tightening but strengthening vaginal wall, brightening, urinary incontinence, dry vagina, bacteriologic cure inside vagina, and overactive bladder.

Beladonna, one of the latest laser vagina tightening programs, is designed to “rejuvenate” vagina and even give pudenda a much more fine look. Of course, it enhances sexual pleasure and helps preventing vaginitis and pelvic inflammatory. There are few other types of laser treatments that can be combined with Beladonna to maximize the effects. 

How does it work? After consultation and cleansing, a tip of the laser equipment (which is smaller size than tampon) is inserted and treatment lasts about 15-30 minutes. Pain level is very low, recovery takes less than a day and no anesthesia is required. 

Nevertheless, consultation with the medical specialist to decide what program is appropriate is necessary as each individual has different conditions. To get a customized consultation and quote, send us a consultation request, email at, or whatsapp (+65 8522 4529).