Jessica Iskandar and Mom: Mrs Woen's Korean Anti-Aging Makeover Story

The Gift of Beauty

We all know and love Jessica Iskandar, she's an amazing actress and model. Did you know that she is the only daughter, and has 4 older brothers? As the only daughter, she has a special relationship with her mother and that's why she was the best person to gift her mother with the gift of beauty! Jessica wanted to do something special for her mother, and decided to treat her to an anti-aging makeover. What better gift to give someone than to make them feel beautiful and confident?

Why Choose Eunogo?

Eunogo is a premium beauty & wellness concierge service where foreign travellers can search & book procedures in Seoul. We are dedicated to creating the perfect, safe and enjoyable beauty experience people all around the world, with teams boasting over 10 years of experience in cosmetic surgery in Seoul. Unlike other businesses, Eunogo focuses on medical verification and handpicks high-end procedures and treatments that are proven safe and satisfactory. With that in mind, Jessica knows that her mother is in good hands with us. She would be getting only the best and safest treatment procedures from top doctors in Korea. On top of that, there would be professional coordinators to translate and guide them through everything. 

Arrival in Korea

When Jessica and Mrs Woen arrived, they were so excited! Our concierge team greeted them at the airport and took them to their hotel with a private pick-up service. The hotel they stayed at was the L'Escape Hotel.

Jessica and Mrs Woen immediately felt at home thanks to our friendly coordinators and their warm hospitality. The hotel is located in Myeongdong, a prime location where Jessica could go shopping for beauty products easily! The room was also very comfortable, and provided a relaxing space for Mrs Owen to rest after her surgeries.


On the day of the consultation, Mrs Woen arrived at Braun Plastic Surgery Clinic and was warmly welcomed by the staff at the clinic. The doctor, Dr. Lee Jiwon, discussed with Mrs Woen the look that she wants to achieve. Her main concerns were the effects of aging that were showing on her face, such as wrinkles and sagging skin near her jawline. Her requests and wishes were carefully communicated to the staff at the clinic by our professional medical translators. This helped to ensure that the results of the surgery would be what Mrs Woen wanted.


Before the surgery, the staff at Braun Plastic Surgery Clinic also made sure that Mrs Woen was fit to do the surgery so as to reduce the risk of complications to a minimum. They did a pre-surgery check-up as well as a CT scan to ensure that she was ready. 

Surgeries for Anti-aging 

Mrs. Woen got an incisional face lift, lower blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) and eyebrow lift. The incisional face lift helped to lift her sagging skin near her cheek area, which you can clearly see in the before/after photos. Lower blepharoplasty surgery was done to tweak her eye shape slightly and gave her a rounder eye shape. Her rounder eyes gave her a younger, friendlier and more awake look. Eyebrow lift also helped to ease her hooded eyelids, reducing sleepy eyes and making the double eyelids more obvious.


Dr. Lee Jiwon at Braun Plastic Surgery Clinic also attended to Mrs Woen throughout her entire makeover journey. He carefully reviewed her recovery process through several post-surgery follow-up consultations to ensure that she was healing well. Where needed, he helped Mrs Woen to attend to her swelling and bandages, and also gave excellent advice on the healing process. Our professional medical translators were also there to ensure that the information was correctly conveyed and understood by Mrs Woen and Jessica. With their help, the after-care instructions were easily understood and Mrs Owen did not face any complications in the recovery process.

In order to facilitate the healing process for Mrs Woen, Eunogo brought her to Chaum Spa to receive specialised therapies to reduce swelling. The therapists at Chaum Spa were well-trained with lots of experience, and were especially gentle as they understand that there is a lot of discomfort after surgery. Through their therapies, pain and discomfort was reduced and the swelling subsided quickly.

Since Mrs Woen could not wash her hair after the surgery, we also brought her to a salon to get her hair washed, as soon as the doctor said it was okay to do so!


The before/after pictures of Mrs Woen show an amazing transformation after just 6 weeks! With the skin around her cheeks and droopy eyelids lifted, she looks decades younger and invigorated. She looks beautiful and we at Eunogo are glad to hear that she is very satisfied and happy with our service.

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