My Blooming Skin Detox Experience in Korea

Searching for which facial to get in Seoul? Joy Kang from Eunogo shares her experience getting a skin detox facial. 

Blooming Skin Detox is a medical facial for those who want to check their skin conditions with a dermatologist and get a more advanced facial than the ones you get at a spa. The treatment can be customized based on your needs like rejuvenation, hydration or acne. This is fuss-free without any downtime so whenever I'm in Korea and I can't afford any downtime period but need a skin treatment, I go for this one. 

The Clinic

Sulskin Clinic

When I first entered the clinic, I was greeted with warm beige marble walls and flooring. The clinic looked very modern and cozy. It immediately felt clean and posh and I knew I was in for a good time. They had the clinic's in-house Blooming Cell Line on display and I took a closer look!

The products in the Blooming Cell Line, each carefully created to deliver goodness to your skin


The session started off with a consultation with Dr. Choi, one of the head dermatologists. I was initially interested in Skin Detox Peel to cleanse my pores but Dr. Choi recommended the Blooming Skin Detox basic program for deep moisturizing instead. She said my pores were clean but my skin was very dry and has been losing elasticity. The weather in Singapore is usually very humid so I thought dry skin would not be a concern but to my surprise, my skin became very dry due to air-conditioning. I asked Dr. Choi if there were any additional treatments that might be suitable for my skin and she recommended a Scarlet Laser treatment which helps to rejuvenate and increase collagen. She also said that I've been losing fat around my face which is a sign of aging. This Scarlet Laser treatment will help to fill up the sunken area of my face and she added a single session should be sufficient to see results! Since there is a downtime of a few days after the laser treatment, I decided to do it on my next visit.

Other Options

I chose the Basic option but there is Acne option of the program. The Acne option is popular with those struggling with acne problems because it thoroughly cleanses and detoxifies the skin of all the impurities and dirt from your everyday life. Even for those who have clear skin, living in cities means facing all the fine dust and dirt all the time. This treatment is great because it can remove all the impurities due to pollution from your pores and prevent breakouts.

Treatment Process

After the consultation, the treatment process began with deep cleansing of the skin.
Therapist cleansing the skin to remove dirt and impuritiesRelaxing while the therapist cleanses my face
This step ensures that all the dirt and impurities within the skin is removed so that the rest of the products used later can get absorbed well.
Soft peeling gel is applied and then gently removed with a warm towel
Next, the soft peeling gel is left on the face for a few minutes. This is a gentle peel and exfoliant to remove the dead skin cells on the surface of your skin. Once the dead skin cells are removed, the skin is ready for the next step!
After exfoliating, those who opt for the Acne package will get their blackheads extracted and an acne skin scaling therapy, which is an extraction process with injection to reduce acne. Since I got the Basic option, the therapist went on to massage my skin.
A relaxing massage from a therapist with skillful hands
The massage was relaxing and helped to ease my tired facial muscles. We know that it is important to stretch our muscles before and after workouts, but we rarely stretch or massage our facial muscles, even though we use them to smile, talk and eat everyday! Besides being relaxing, the massage also helped to prepare the skin for the cream mask pack. 
The in-house Blooming Cell cream mask pack
Next, the therapist used the cream mask pack from their clinic's own in-house Blooming Cell Line. She applied it on with a brush and it glided on smoothly. It felt cooling on my skin and smelled amazing. Then, she used a machine to help the ampule to get absorbed into the skin better.
Machine used for maximum ampule absorption
The machine was gentle on the skin and did not hurt at all. As the machine glided across my face, I could see my face starting to appear dewy and radiant. My skin also felt very comfortable.
The in-house Blooming Cell modeling mask pack
The therapist used a modeling mask pack, also from the Blooming Cell Line. The mask helped to seal in all the moisture and nutrients that had entered my skin. Last but not least, the modeling mask pack is followed by ultrasound laser treatment. My eyes were covered and I relaxed under the ultrasound lights for about 15 minutes. 

My Final Thoughts 

My skin was left dewy and smooth after the treatment, and my skin stayed moisturized for weeks after the treatment. It does not look dramatic but I could certainly feel the difference myself especially the makeup was applied a lot better after this treatment. I would definitely recommend this program if you’re visiting Korea, especially because through the consultation, the dermatologist can identify your personal skin problems and tailor the treatment to your concerns, which makes it more effective.

If you want to book Blooming Skin Detox, you can schedule and purchase the program that comes with an English medical translator at Eunogo.

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