Korean cosmetic surgery tourism is a big part of the K-beauty wave and this is why

K-beauty has increasingly become a driving force of the world’s beauty industry and Korean cosmetic surgery tourism has certainly become a new part of Korean Wave.

You may already have eye-witnessed this K-wave or Hallyu syndrome through K-pop, idol groups, cosmetics all shown on Korean TV dramas and YouTube. Among all these latest trends, ‘plastic surgery’ is definitely the hottest thing at this moment as K-wave has influenced foreigners to take an interest in Korean celebs’ beauty secrets. And this interest comes not only from women but also from grooming men. So there have been an increasing number of tourists visiting South Korea as shown in the graph with a purpose of getting plastic surgeries as well as non-surgical beauty procedures. And keep in mind tourists with a medical purpose visit Korea not just because of K-wave influence. But a growing number of foreign visits have more to do with firmly established trust in Korean cosmetic industry since the market-opening 5 years ago. Due to satisfaction from successful surgery outcomes and reasonable cost, a number of re-visits has been increasing as well.

korean cosmetic surgery tourism

But aren’t Korean plastic surgeries expensive in general?

Many people find it surprising to hear that the average costs in Korea are lower than that of Singapore and almost half the price of the costs in US or Japan. However, you have to be careful with unregistered, illegal agents who take high commission for the brokerage, which will result in overall operation cost naturally gets expensive. As a resolution, the government has been making diverse movements to eradicate illegal acts of brokers.

  1. Different policies aimed at lowering commission rate and guaranteeing insurance coverage are being discussed.

  2. The Welfare Ministry has revised medical legislation that allows punishing medical institutions with a record of making transactions with illegal broker.

  3. Proper cost for plastic surgeries have been opened to foreign public (You can check this information by contacting us here).

As mentioned above, Korean doctors’ committee for plastic surgery and the government have established policies specifically targeted and tailored to foreign tourists visiting Korea for a medical purpose. So make sure to check operation cost as well as operation hours and recovery period before planning a travel itinerary in Korea to take an advantage of cosmetic surgeries!

But wouldn’t it be inconvenient to get surgeries in Korea?

People visiting Korea for medical tourism purpose come to enjoy benefits of plastic surgeries, wellness spa treatments and health check-ups. Since this kind of demand has been increasing, many hospitals are now well equipped with professional interpretation service. Diverse routes for medical tourism have been well-paved due to an increasing number of foreign visits to major cities such as Seoul (Gangnam), Pusan and Jeju Island all for patients’ convenience. 

That’s why Korean plastic surgery is no.1 in the world!

There’s no doubt that surgical technology of Korea is evaluated as no.1 in the world. Especially, reconstructive surgery ranging from simple beauty operations to breast implants and facial bone operations is highest in quality. Although foreign press sometimes denounce and name Korea as ‘republic of plastic surgeries,’ experts say all these criticisms are based on acknowledging high level of surgical technology. So South Korea has made a leap forward as ‘hub of Asian plastic surgery.’

It has been known that most outstanding medical school students prefer plastic surgery department above others and this shows how much growth and progress Korean plastic surgery has made over time. And one of the greatest strengths of Korean medical tourism is that it provides diverse surgical measures and medical service tailored to individual needs based on sufficient background and expertise.

Korean plastic surgery that has been going through a steadfast growth would make another take-off through the government’s support on diverse legislation and medical services targeted to foreign patients and tourists. Travelling to Korea would not only provide you with the finest plastic surgery services based on internationally certified expertise and competitiveness but also diverse tourist attractions! If you are planning a visit to Korea for a medical tour, why don’t you directly contact us here in Korea?

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