[Korean Boy Band Looks Series 1] V Line Face Contouring Surgery for Men



Plastic surgeries and beauty treatments are no longer just girls’ things but also boys’ desire and ambition to turn into a good and younger looking face. And the latest beauty operation trend for guys is all about cute and adorable ‘boy-band looks’!

Plastic surgeries for guys start and end with designing looks that can be attractive to girls and also to ladies. In order to achieve this perfect look, it’s important to create a slender and chic looking image by considering beauty standards tailored to men such as their physique, bone structure and skin thickness.

What’s trending and special about men’s plastic surgeries?

One of the most popular beauty operations that hip boys go through these days is double jaw surgery. Men’s double jaw surgery is all about creating a favorable face line that gives masculine but sharp and sophisticated image at the same time!

As mentioned earlier, beauty operations for men should focus on developing their ‘charm’ by considering men’s unique physical features. This begins with making thorough surgery plans and ends with bringing the most natural-looking outcome. Plastic surgeries for guys should always focus on ‘inartificial’ and ‘natural’ looks unlike operations for women that bring dramatic changes. 

These latest men’s plastic surgeries can create well-defined features and natural jaw line that eventually lead to sharp-looking and likeable image. And in order to bring out men’s unique beauty through operations, it’s always important to establish detailed operation plans and pre-surgery simulations with experts that differentiate from women’s plastic surgeries!

Guys with larger physique than women may sometimes give rustic and countrified impression. So double jaw surgery helps to increase masculine charm, give favorable impression and also improve functional problems of jaw and teeth. This allows men to have balanced and natural jaw line by fixing problems such as protruded lips, jutting chin and imbalanced face line.

Double jaw operation generally refers to fracturing and fixing bones of both upper and bottom jaws. This works for people with malfunctioning jaw such irregularly shaped and located jaws. So the operation focuses on moving jaw to a right place and creating an ideal face that fits overall facial proportion by considering both functional and aesthetic features. The surgery should come with correct diagnosis and analysis by joint treatment from different medical departments. 


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How it works 

The operation in general focuses on pushing back protruded jaws without extracting a tooth. Fixing protruded lips helps to improve visual appearance of gums by shortening the length of upper jaw. If the problem can’t be fixed with just double jaw surgery, face contouring can be an additional option to achieve a slimmer looking face! 

Depending on individual conditions of teeth distribution, surgeons decide whether patients need orthodontics before or after the surgery or may not need it at all. So depending on orthodontics period, the full operation may take from at least a month to 2 years. 

One of the hottest trends in men’s double jaw surgery is ‘self-tie operation.’ This operation focuses on reducing inconvenience coming from regular double chin surgeries. General double jaw surgeries can be very complex and give discomfort during operation and recovery process. But ‘self-tie operation’ uses a special dental band and ties only two jaw areas. So it allows more natural jaw movement, guarantees fast recovery and reduces orthodontics period!

About the operation

  • Operation hours: 2-3 hours

  • Anesthesia: general

  • Hospitalization: 3 days

  • Removal of stitches: After 2 weeks

  • Recovery: Takes about 2 weeks

Operation process

  1. Thorough medical check-up

  2. Taking a plaster cast of teeth

  3. Establishing detailed operation plans and holding joint treatment from plastic surgery, dental surgery and orthodontics departments

  4. Proceeding with pre-surgery simulation

  5. Making wafer and retainer equipment

  6. Checking suitability of installations with patients

  7. Proceeding with operation

  8. 1:1 customized and tailored post-care

Who should get it?

  • Men with imbalanced and asymmetric face

  • Men with a long face

  • Men with jutting chin

  • Men with protruded lips

  • Men with too much visual appearance of gums

  • Men unsatisfied with orthodontics

** Must-consider (safety) tips about plastic surgeries for first-timers! **

  • Always check whether a hospital has a separate anesthesia department 24/7

  • Also check whether a hospital has systematic emergency system

  • Check whether a hospital has safety system that focuses on medical service tailored to patients’ needs just like large university hospitals

  • As a pre-surgery process, make sure to go through thorough medical and safety check-ups that consider individual health conditions

  • Disinfection system such as anti-bacterial surgery rooms is something extra to consider for safer operations

Achieve perfect boyfriend or boy-band looks with the trendiest double jaw surgery that we’ve outlined in the article. If you have a boyfriend or any close guy friends that you would like to share these information with, tell them not to be shy because plastic surgeries are no longer things for just girls!

More info?

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