Laser Treatments for Freckles and Blemishes

Pigmentation issues such as freckles and blemishes are tricky to treat because they can be caused by various reasons. The exact cause of the freckles is not currently known, but genetic effects, malnutrition, abnormalities in female hormones and endocrine abnormalities along with ultraviolet exposure are believed to be the causes of the freckles.

As for blemishes that are often confused with freckles, most of them are larger than freckles and they can take a longer time to disappear. Rather than being related to genetics, the main causes of blemishes are excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays, lack of moisture, low levels of collagen, or/and lack of nutrition.

To further understand about treatments for pigmentation, Eunogo team has met with Dr. Kim Hee Kyung at Dream Plastic Surgery 

Dr. Kim Hee Kyung at Dream Plastic Surgery

According to Dr. Kim, Clarity and Spectra are two most commonly used lasers to treat freckles and blemishes. 

Clarity Laser

Clarity is a composite laser device with two independent wavelength lasers mounted on one system, which uses two wavelengths of laser light absorbed by different tissues to develop the procedure. It is effective for patients whose skin has become marked with spots due to pigmentation such as blemishes and freckles, and it also improves pores and skin elasticity, enabling overall skin improvement.

Spectra Laser

Spectra is a laser device that effectively treats Hori's nevus and pigmentation, as well as freckles that occur both on the surface and deeper layers of the skin. In addition, it can stimulate collagen-producing fibroblasts to obtain pore treatment and lifting effects at once, making skin color even and improving skin texture at the same time. Spectra Laser Toning is an advanced treatment protocol that provides a gentle, safe, and effective treatment for stubborn blotchy hormonal pigmentation known as melasma.

Before & After 

Since pigmentation is a disease in which pigments are distributed not only to visible epidermis but also to deep dermis in the skin, if treated at once with a strong laser without accurate diagnosis, the symptoms may worsen as melanin pigment is exposed to the epidermis. Therefore, for safe and effective treatment, the performance of laser devices used in the treatment should be carefully examined with a team of experienced and well-informed medical personnel.

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