Mandy Candy’s Cosmetic Surgery Makeover in Korea

Mandy Candy, a Brazilian beauty content creator on social media, underwent a Cosmetic Surgery Makeover in Seoul with Eunogo 2 years ago. 

After going through the makeover, we interviewed her to find out more about her decision to go for plastic surgery and how the whole process was like for her. If you are interested to find out more about her journey, keep on reading!

Q: Why did you decide to go for plastic surgery?

I am a YouTuber/Social Media Content Creator and I think that “image” is very important in this industry. I decided to go for plastic surgery because I have always had very strong facial features which I did not like, and I wanted to fix that to achieve a smoother look. 

Q: Why Korea? 

Korea is essentially the country that pioneered the V-line facial contouring surgery and I have always heard positive things about it. I did some research on my own by searching for pictures and videos of V-line surgery results in Korea and noticed that patients always ended up achieving very smooth feminine jawlines. Ever since then, going to Korea for the V-line surgery became my dream. 

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Q: Why did you choose to utilise a medical concierge and how did Eunogo help in your journey? 

I thought the entire process would be very difficult because most doctors in Korea don’t speak English and even so, my English knowledge is limited and I definitely cannot understand or speak Korean, so I needed someone to help me with communication during the process, someone I can trust. Furthermore, V-line surgery is a very big and important surgery and I needed someone to help me find the best doctors. Ultimately, Eunogo came along and I decided to put my trust in Eunogo for that.

I had an amazing experience with Eunogo. I had someone with me all the time and I received help for everything from translation, to buying medicine, and even hailing a taxi. Eunogo really helped me so much and I was very happy with the services!

Q: Which clinic did you go to and what procedures did you go for?

I decided to do plastic surgery at Gyalumhan with Dr.Kim Nam-Ho who specialises in facial contouring and orthographic surgery, and I went for the V-line facial contouring surgery. 

Q: How did you feel on the day of the surgery? 

On the surgery day itself, I was very nervous because I knew that I was going to undergo a big change, and I also had no idea how the result would turn out. I was also scared because I knew that I was going to be under anaesthesia, and I was going to wake up with a new face and many bandages - I didn’t know how I would react to that. I thought it was going to hurt a lot, but thankfully it didn’t the way I expected it to. 

Q: How long did your surgery take? 

The surgery took around 2 - 3 hours in total. 

​​Q: What was your recovery process like and could you share any tips on recovery?  

I thought the first 2 days were a bit uncomfortable because I had to keep the bandage on and put ice on the surgical area all the time to reduce swelling, so I thought that was kind of annoying but it was still okay. After the 3rd day, it was easier because I didn’t have to put ice on the surgical area all the time anymore and they changed the bandage for me. All in all, I recovered very fast and just in 3 weeks, I saw a new face that I have always wanted!

The biggest tip I have for anyone who wants to do V-line surgery is to be patient, results take time and that can’t be rushed.


Q: Lastly, how would you describe Eunogo with one word?

Dr. Kim Nam-ho from Gyalumhan, Mandy Candy, Joy Kang from Eunogo

Trust. Eunogo helped me to find and arrange for the best surgeon to do my surgery and supported me in many ways throughout my journey to ensure that my experience was smooth and safe, it was like having a trusted friend following you around. 


The before/after pictures of Mandy show an amazing transformation after just a short duration! She looks beautiful and we at Eunogo are glad to hear that she is very satisfied and happy with our service.

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