Non-surgical ways to achieve the perfect V-line

Have you heard of v-line? If you are unfamiliar with Korean culture, you may not have heard of it before. V-line is a popular concept in Korea, and it describes a perfect v-shaped chin and jawline that many people in Korea find beautiful. There may be many different reasons why someone does not have a beautiful v-line. Problems with bulky jaws, double chin, excessive fat or a wide-set jaw bone will all prevent you from achieving the perfect v-line that you are looking for. Depending on your specific problem, there are different methods to achieve a narrower chin and jawline.

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Of course, there is V-line surgery (Check out the Beauty Journal above!) and zygoma reduction, but not all of us are ready to go under the knife. Fret not, as there are a few non-surgical ways to achieve it. Allow us to guide you through all the non-surgical options based on your concerns!

1. Bulky Jaws

Bulky jaws may be caused by over-developed muscles that are worsened when you use those muscles excessively. Simply touch your jaw and if you feel lots of hard muscles, you may have over-developed jaw muscles. If you unconsciously clench your teeth often, jaw muscles may also become bulky and over-developed.

To relax some of these muscles, Jaw Botox might be a solution for you. Botox is a form of injection that blocks signals from the nerves to the muscles. The injected muscle can no longer contract, which causes the wrinkles to relax and soften. Botox can even reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines!

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2. Double chin due to excessive fat

Double chins may make you extremely self-conscious, especially when it makes you look like you have a non-existent jawline! Excessive fat gathers easily at the chin area, and can be due to a variety of causes. Healthy diet and exercise may help with double chin, but may not be able to completely dissolve all the fat in your chin. Furthermore, it is impossible to target just the chin area with just exercise, and a lot of exercise may be required to see the results that you desire.

Korean celebrities are in love with this fat-dissolving V-line Injection, which will help to target the fat under your chin. This injection works by dissolving the excess fat in your double chin, to give it a slimmer appearance so that a v-line is more visible. Even male celebrities strive to achieve a perfect v-line! While the Jaw Botox relaxes muscles, the V-line Injection dissolves fat. You can get the best results when you get both the V-line Injection and Jaw Botox together.

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3. Double chin due to loss of skin elasticity

You keep fit and exercise often, yet you still see the appearance of a double chin. However, your chin does not feel soft and full of fat, so your double chin is not caused by fat. Why is it that you still have a double chin? It may be due to a loss of skin elasticity. Skin becomes less elastic as we age, and can be worsened by excessive exercise. Therefore, although you are exercising often, your double chin may be getting worse due to sagging skin! Luckily for you, there are many options in the market for tightening and lifting your skin.

Firstly, you can consider Ultherapy Face Lift, which is a non-invasive laser treatment to lift and tighten your skin. Both US and Korea FDA-approved, Ultherapy uses high-intensity direct ultrasound to tighten your skin.

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Another option is Shurink Face Lift, which is a Korean brand of laser treatment similar to Ultherapy, except it much more affordable and yet still quite effective. It tightens the skin to make your sagging facial line appear slimmer, sharper and tighter.

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Lastly, you can consider getting a CAT Injection. CAT (Carving with Adipose Tissue) solution is a patented solution used in CAT injections such as V-CAT (for V-line) or Cheekbone CAT (for cheekbones). The procedure is very popular for its effectiveness especially among top Korean celebrities. This clinic’s signature non-surgical procedure, the V-CAT and Cheekbone CAT injection, will create a perfect V-line and cheek line by tightening and lifting the skin around the jawline. The V-CAT package also includes salivary gland botox, which works together with the V-CAT injection to slim down double chin lines.

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Last but not least, it is important to speak to a professional about your concerns so that they can recommend you the most suitable treatment for problems. If you are unsure about your options, please feel free to submit a consultation request here and we at Eunogo are always happy to assist you, to achieve the best version of yourself.