Plastic Surgery for Men: The Latest Trends in Korea

Plastic surgery for men is no longer a taboo especially in South Korea. In addition to using cosmetics and skincare products, more men are overcoming their complexes through plastic surgery and skin treatments.

 Dr Baek In-soo from Jewelry Plastic Surgery

The actual number of men visiting plastic surgery clinics has increased significantly, but most men don't know what constitutes "male plastic surgery" and how to approach it. Dr Baek In-soo from Jewelry Plastic Surgery shared a few tips and trends for men looking into plastic surgery.

Popular Procedures for Men

Dr. Baek revealed that the most popular procedures for men in their 20s are eyelids and nose surgery in South Korea. For those in their late 20s to 30s, many of them get less invasive procedures such as nose fillers and jaw botox to create a more positive image and impression. Anti-aging procedures such as upper and lower face lifting are popular among men in their 40s to 50s.

Differences in Men and Women's Plastic Surgery

"Men and women have different socially acceptable images, and there are differences in skin and facial contouring," said Dr. Baek In-soo, director of Jewelry Plastic Surgery. "Because the direction we pursue is different when it comes to women, it is most important for men to plan surgery with professional medical staff who understand and grasp these differences accurately," he advised.

Men's Eye Plastic Surgery

First of all, for men's eye plastic surgeries, the focus should be on natural double eyelids and eyes that give off a cool image. Since they have thicker skin and blood vessels than women, surgical methods and design plans should be established to suit these individual characteristics.

The most popular male eye surgeries are inner double eyelid surgeries. This surgery creates a double eyelid where the top fold covers most of the bottom fold, giving it a much more natural look. These days, Dr. Baek noticed that more men are preferring eye shapes that are more feminine, rather than strong eyes in South Korea.

Men's Rhinoplasty

Since the implants used for men's nose surgery can be different from those of women, counseling with a specialist with extensive clinical experience for men's rhinoplasty is essential. Dr Baek In-soo added, "In the case of female rhinoplasty, most women prefer a line that curves up at the tip of their nose, while men prefer a natural straight line from the forehead to the tip of their nose. "Implants used can be different than that of women's rhinoplasty because men have thicker bones and skin than women and have a wider and longer nose bridge," he explained.

Rather than a straight nose tip that looks very strong or an upturned nose tip that looks too feminine, more men are preferring a balance of both, where the nose tip is slightly upturned. In addition, the nose should not look too long from the front.

Men's Facial Contouring / V-line Surgery

Furthermore, it is important to design facial contours so that patients do not lose their masculinity rather than slimming their faces excessively. It is important to focus on the individual's facial contour starting from the angle under the ears rather than on the popular U-line and V-line face shapes. This way, the sharper angles can give off a masculine image.

Last Advice from Dr. Baek 

Men not only have larger bones and thicker bones than women, but also have thicker skin and blood vessels. Since there is a clear difference in bone and physical conditions from women, it is important to accurately identify your condition with a thorough pre-examination such as 3D CT scans when getting nose, facial contouring or other surgeries that involve the bone.

Dr. Baek advised not to blindly follow the latest beauty trends, because these trends are bound to change, which might end up in more dissatisfaction in the future. Although trendy looks may be a good starting point, he recommends that you consider whether it will fit your face and whether you will be satisfied with the look in the long term.

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