The Latest Korean Double Eyelids Surgery Method: Non-Incisional Triple Burial

One of the most decisive parts of one's first impression is the eyes. It's one of the most important parts of the face because the eyes can give off certain impressions. Double eyelids surgery remains the most commonly done plastic surgery in Korea. 

When it comes to surgery methods, there are mainly three: Non-incisional (Burial) method, Partially-incisional method and Incisional method. And yet, new surgery methods are constantly being developed in Korea. Eunogo interviewed Dr. Youn Taek Koo from POP Plastic Surgery, Seoul Korea to learn about one of the latest double eyelids surgery method: Triple Burial Method.  

Before going through this new surgery method, here is a recap of the existing double eyelids surgery methods: 

Non-Incisional (Burial) Method

The burial technique creates double eyelids similar to tying a string. For the burial method, there will be no incisions made on the skin. Recovery is quick because it doesn't swell or bruise much and bruising, so it produces very natural results.

It's great for office workers and students who are busy and cannot afford a long downtime period. 

However, that doesn't mean the burial method is suitable for all cases. In order for the burial method to work, your eyelids should be: not too droopy, and not too thick.

Incisional Method​

The incisional method is a surgical procedure that creates double eyelids by creating skin incisions. The incisional method is recommended when the burial method is not possible, such as in cases where skin sagging is severe, when the surgery is a revision surgery, or when getting the double eyelid surgery together with other surgeries.

Incisional double eyelid surgery is suitable for those with thicker skin or excess fat on their eyelids. Excess fat and muscles are removed safely to create the double eyelid crease.

New Method: Triple Burial Method

To complement the shortcomings of the existing methods, POP Plastic Surgery developed a surgical method called 'triple burial', according to Dr. Youn Taek Koo.

After creating a tiny hole small enough for the thread to fit in, the double eyelid crease is created by tying the muscles and skin with a thread. The main reason for the increasing popularity of the triple burial method is that it minimizes the risk of the double eyelids becoming undone, which is the common risk of burial method while creating the natural style and minimizing the downtime.

Also, this method can be applied to those who want a revision double eyelids surgery. 

The Importance of Consultation

Despite many trends popping up almost everyday, it's never a good idea to follow trends blindly when it comes to plastic surgery. You should always consult a medical professional in order to get accurate counseling. According to Dr. Youn Taek Koo, the most important part of eyelid surgery is the surgery design during consultation. The surgery must be designed to balance your entire face. Satisfaction will follow if the surgery results are natural and in harmony with the rest of the face.

Before and After Double Eyelid Surgery

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