Semi-Permanent Makeup #1 Eye-brows

Although many surgical procedures have gotten much simpler and less risky, cosmetic operations can still be a burden to many. If you’re that person with deep concerns of side effects, but still want to become more beautiful, why don’t you go through semi-permanent or “petit” treatments to achieve more natural-looking results? Trust us. They’re much less complex with shorter treatment hours, almost no risk, and of course, less pain. So if you’re planning to take a short visit to Korea, you might want to take advantage of semi-permanent treatments that give you a long-lasting effect. We recommend these beauty treatments to those wishing to enjoy a long-lasting and almost eternal effect of make-up without having to actually spend time putting on makeup everyday!

The most popular semi-permanent treatment that even celebs go crazy for is eyebrow and eyeline procedure. Having well-defined eyebrows can definitely improve one’s first impression and give an outstanding outcome as if you’ve gone through a major beauty transformation! It’s important that though consulting you get your eyebrows individualised to accentuate your facial features.

semi permanent makeup in korea

See how her new eyebrow shape has given her much softer accent to her face?

#1. 3D Natural Eye-Brow Treatment

Eye-brows may seem to take up just a small portion of your face but their shape greatly determines your overall facial look! So called 3D natural eye-brow treatment helps you give more volume and dimensions on your eyebrows. The treatment also gives you a natural look that blends in well with individual facial tone and hair color.

What are the different types of procedures?

1. Gradation

Think of this procedure as a pastel technique, the eyebrows are filled in to the desired shape. We recommend this treatment to people wishing for more apparent and defined eyebrow shape.

semi permanent makeup in korea

2. Embossing

This technique gives a very delicate and natural expression of eyebrows. We recommend the treatment to those wanting mild and natural eyebrow line. However, we don’t recommend this procedure if you don’t have enough eyebrow hair.

semi permanent makeup in korea

3. Combination (Gradation + Embossing)

Combination of both measures would probably the best supplementary option. Combining both measures can be customized based on individual eyebrow shapes and textures.

semi permanent makeup in korea

Treatment Information

  • Duration: 30 minutes

  • Local anesthesia

  • Recovery: can get back to daily life immediately

  • The result lasts about 2-3 years

  • Painless

  • Post-care: 1 retouching session after 3-4 weeks

So who should get it?

  • Makeup beginners who have hard time drawing their eyebrow

  • People with unclear and dim eyebrow line

  • People who want to reduce the time they have to spend on makeup

  • People who want to look good without makeup

Semi-permanent treatments require professional skills and expertise. So make sure to get these treatments from high-qualified staff and also from certified medical institutions only to avoid unnecessary re-touches and pain such as infections. For more information on the treatments and clinics, don’t hesitate to contact us here.

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