Semi-Permanent Makeup #1 Eyebrows

Although many surgical procedures have gotten much simpler and less risky, cosmetic operations can still be a burden to many. If you have a lot of concerns about side effects, but still want to become more beautiful, we recommend semi-permanent or “petit” treatments to achieve more natural-looking results. They’re much less complex with shorter treatment hours, almost no risk, and of course, less pain. So if you’re planning to take a short visit to Korea, you might want to take advantage of semi-permanent treatments that give you a long-lasting effect. We recommend these beauty treatments to those wishing to enjoy long-lasting effects of make-up without having to actually spend time putting on makeup everyday!

The most popular semi-permanent make-up treatment that even celebs go crazy for is the semi-permanent eyebrow micro-blading procedure. Having well-defined eyebrows can definitely improve one’s first impression and give an outstanding outcome as if you’ve gone through a major beauty transformation! It’s important that to get your eyebrows shaped to accentuate your facial features by consulting a professional.

A well-defined set of eyebrows will help to frame your face and give a much softer accent to your face

#1. 3D Natural Eyebrow Treatment

Eye-brows may seem to take up just a small portion of your face but their shape greatly determines your overall facial look! Natural 3D eyebrow micro-blading helps you give more volume and dimensions on your eyebrows. The treatment also gives you a natural look that blends in well with individual facial tone and hair color.

Check out the video to watch the eyebrow micro-blading process!

Before vs After comparison photos of the eyebrow micro-blading process. Notice how much fuller the eyebrows look.

Treatment Information

  • Duration: 90-180 minutes

  • Local anesthesia

  • Recovery: can get back to daily life immediately

  • The result lasts about 2-3 years

  • Painless

  • After-care: 1 retouching session after 3-4 weeks

So who should get it?

  • Makeup beginners who have hard time drawing their eyebrows

  • People with unclear and dim eyebrow line

  • People who want to reduce the time they spend on doing their make-up

  • People who want to look good without make-up

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Semi-permanent treatments require delicate skills and expertise. Make sure to get these treatments from highly-qualified surgeons and also from certified medical institutions to avoid unnecessary re-touching and side-effects.

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