Semi-Permanent Makeup #2 Eyeliner

Nothing is as difficult as drawing the perfect, sharp, and even eyeliner on both eyes everyday! Especially for make-up beginners or professionals that need to look presentable every morning. We present to you the eye-line treatment. You’re welcome.

semi permanent makeup in korea


#2. Deep Black Eye-line Treatment (blur-proof)

The treatment would help you get a sharp-looking eye-line by filling up spaces and emptiness between eyelashes. The deep black eye-line treatment focuses on making clear and deep eye-line that is tailored to your own individual facial features and desired look.

semi permanent makeup in korea

Treatment Information

  • Duration: 30 minutes

  • Local anesthesia

  • Recovery: can get back to daily life immediately

  • The result lasts about 2-3 years

  • Painless

  • Post-care: 1 optional retouching session after 3-4 weeks

Who should get it?

  • People with dull looking eyes

  • People with thick double-eyelid

  • People with sweaty and oily skin

  • People who put heavy make-up

  • People who want to reduce the time they have to spend on makeup

  • People who want to look good without makeup

Semi-permanent treatments require professional skills and expertise. So make sure to get these treatments from high-qualified staff and also from certified medical institutions only to avoid unnecessary re-touches and pain such as infections. For more information on the treatments and clinics, don’t hesitate to contact us through www.EUNOGO.COM.

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