[Special Edition] Personal color consulting is a hot trend in K Beauty industry and here is my experience.

[Special edition] You probably know by now about our rigid screening process and how Eunogo selects our medical & aesthetic service partners. One of our process includes the Panel Check where Eunogo team member or designated beauty influencers and ambassadors try, review and decide the program whether it is suitable for Eunogo customers or not.  So, in this special edition, we would like to share the experience of our panelist during the our screening process. Throughout the edition, we hope to deliver to you what it feels like to go through the process, what has changed before and after the procedure, and how satisfying the overall procedure is. Follow Claire, one of EUNOGO panels, throughout this journey as she embarks on a quest to deliver to our customers the best and safe results.   

1ST SPECIAL EDITION STARTS WITH.... Personal Color Consulting

color consulting in korea

color consulting in korea

color consulting in korea

It’s a well-established fact that garments significantly impact and change the overall feeling and mood exuded by an individual. Then how about color of those garments? Sure, a random, unguided configuration of clothes can make anyone fall into a trap of looking like a silly clown. At the same time, however, the RIGHT color for an individual can also bring about subtle yet eye-catching changes to your appearance. Here is my own account of how I found out my true color and what impact it had on my overall image and eventually my self-confidence.  

Why we need to know our own color?

One day, I did my skincare and make-up the same way as I have always done. On this day however, I wore an outfit that I never wore before: a pink dress. At work, my co-workers were the first ones to say “You look different! Do you have a date after work? ” This is when I realized that given my daily make-up and skin care routine, simple change in my attire color can bring about different reactions from others. Naturally, it made me curious, if all other things are held constant, which color can best deliver my image and complexion. Which color best suits me?

This is when I recalled my friend’s experience of having found her ‘right color’ through a personal color consulting. Always striving the bring the best service for our customers (and hoping to trying it myself), I wanted to bring the ‘Personal Color program’ to Eunogo. And so I decided to try it on my own as part of Eunogo’s pre-screening process.

It begins with finding my Seasonal Color..

The consulting session started with my very stylish, beautiful personal color expert analyzing my appearances such as hair color, eye color, and skin tone based on Color Analysis Theory. The concept of seasonal color is behind of your own skin appearances. Basically, seasonal color is categorizing and finding your skin color by comparing through various colors produced by each season – Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. Here’s how to determine which seasonal color I belong in.

color consulting in korea

color consulting in korea

color consulting in korea

First, she explained in detail how people can be categorized with specific types of color and, when matched with these colors, can have their images best expressed to the public.

What was the most fit color for me?

color consulting in korea

color consulting in korea

The she compared my skin-tone with various Color palette and saw how it the looks changed accordingly. When Coral pink - Lavender color was overlapped on my top, surprisingly , my skin tone looks more vivid and bright! Especially, it was amazing to notice the the color change had on my freckles. When dark color, such as black, was matched on my face, the freckles and redness of face really stood out against the dark background. She described the most fit color type for me was Summer Cool tone; colors such as coral pink and salmon, lavender, jade, aqua and pale yellow made my skin tone especially flattering.

She also analyzed my hair and lip colors which are best for me. She explained that summer colors generally match well with ash brown, ash blonde with beige and bright skin tones, and gray-green, gray-blue, or brown eyes. She gave an explanation that these types are easily buried by strong colors, it’s best for me to choose color that brings out my natural vitality and radiance.

Analyzed Results (*Based on my own hue factors including skin tone, shape of my face etc)

*Hair color - Natural black , Dark Brown, Chocolate brown, Ash brown

*Lip color - Coral pink without orange color

*Cheek - Lavender, Strawberry milk color

*Accessories - Silver accessories than gold with simple shape  

Ever wondered why the beautiful dress that looks gorgeous on the hanger makes you look washed-out? Or why my gold jewelry doesn’t look shiny on you as it does others?  Through this experience, I finally learned that skin tones make a huge difference in clothing, makeup and accessories choices.

You can go through the process of determining which seasonal color you belong inby having your images analyzed as well. By selecting the right colors for you, you will not only wear cloths, but also confidence!

As EUNOGO Panel’s own experience, I surely recommend you this programme. Stay tuned for the next Episode! 

[Overall Review]

EUNOGO Panel’s Rating based on experience

Personal Color -  - 4.5 / overall 5

Personal color consulting program will be open soon at Eunogo where you will enjoy a private consultation with an Eunogo translator in English or Mandarin.

More info?

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