Interview with Professor Choi Hee Jung, the General Manager at Chaum Theraspa

EUNOGO team recently had an interview with Professor Choi Hee Jung, the general manager at Theraspa, Chaum. South Korea, the world's capital of beauty offers thousands of luxurious spa programs, but Chaum's Medical Theraspa especially has caught our attention due to its world-class facilities as well as the continuous high ratings from Eunogo's customers. It is also secretly known as one of the most frequently visited health and wellness centers for many top celebrities and socialites in Korea. So here we meet Professor Choi to discover more about Theraspa and insights about Korean health and wellness.

chaum theraspa

Q1. Could you introduce yourself? How did you get into the field of health and wellness ?

I am a wellness therapist and holistic therapist, working as the General Manager at Chaum Theraspa and as the professor at CHA graduate school. I studied physical education in college and have worked in spa and aesthetic fields over the last 20 years. I learned massage in Queensland, at the House of Massage for about 8 years and there, I learned Hawaiian Romi Romi Massage and brought the concept to Korea. Then I joined the Cha Medical Group to build the world class spa and wellness system in Korea.  




Q2. What is special about Theraspa? What makes it stand out from the other spa programs in Korea? 

Chaum Theraspa is under Cha Medical Group and Hospital which is the largest female specialised hospital in Korea so all of our programs are based in medical-scientific systems. I can proudly say that we offer the state-of-the-art medical equipment and systems. Yet, the atmosphere offers a very personal touch and feels relaxing unlike a hospital. The concept is the premium urban medical spa which is built to help prevent disease or illness beyond the concept of relaxing. When a customer walks in, they will start with diagnosis and consultation by our spa specialist.  


 Secret Garden at Chaum

Q3. Earlier, you introduced yourself as a holistic therapist. What do you mean by holistic? 

The definition of holistic is the combination of body, mind, soul, and health. Relaxation can always be done, but healing and pampering are needed. That’s why we always make customers repeat sleeping and waking while receiving Theraspa. When you sleep, your immune system and digestive function activates. It is very important to pay attention to your body. Releasing stress and relaxation is one of the healing methods.

Q4. What is your definition of anti-aging? 

It is not the traditional definition of anti-aging anymore. Most people start aging in their early 30's but we are all busy moms or career women so that actual time we can invest in anti-aging is very short. Chemicals in skincare cosmetics can help but they are not helpful for our immune system. In my opinion, anti-aging care should start in our 20's through building healthy habits and daily habits of caring for our skin and body. That is another reason why Medical Theraspa exists for those who need professional help developing healthy habits and receiving right care from the experts.    

Q5. What program would you recommend for travelers who are visiting Korea for a short period of time?

I would definitely recommend our Anti-aging Checkup program, which includes metabolism test and hair mineral analysis. With this detailed check up program, you can get to understand more about your body conditions and receive a customized list of programs personally recommended to you. Also, at Chaum's Medical Theraspa, we offer two main categories: Medical and Wellness. Medical Theraspa program offers Medical Lymph Massage and Body Detox Program which is good for those who are expecting to have a surgery or after surgery. Wellness program offers Body Slimming and Lavender Rose Stone Relaxation. All programs that I mentioned can be done within a day for foreigners whose stays in Korea are short.


 Body detox capsule program at Theraspa

Q6. Could you recommend some treatments for a healthy body line?

I recommend under armpits lymph massage which helps prevent swelling and improve circulation. This is something you can do daily time to time. 

Q7. Please tell us your plan going forward.

One of my goals is to write a book or article about medical spa with accurate knowledge and information. There are a lot of spa programs in Korea built on unfounded and non-professional information. I want to share more healthcare tips and knowledge that have systematic and scientifically proven methods.

You can book a Medical Theraspa program here or Anti-aging Checkup program here.

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