The Golden Ratio of Beautiful Eyes: Korean Dual Canthoplasty

Eye correction surgery is very common these days. Some people do it for medical purposes, such as ptosis correction, while others do it for aesthetic purposes. You may think that incisional eye correction surgery methods are pretty standard, but some plastic surgery clinics have their own specially developed methods. It is important to choose a clinic that can achieve the results you want.

I'm sure you know about the golden ratio for a beautiful face, but do you know that there's also a golden ratio for beautiful eyes? Today, we're going to find out what it is and how this golden ratio can be achieved.

The Golden Ratio of Beautiful Eyes

Photo Credit: Grace Plastic Surgery Korea

We spoke to Dr. Choi Moon Sup, a board-certified plastic surgeon and Director of Grace Plastic Surgery Korea, who is one of the first plastic surgeons to bring the concept and surgery method of dual canthoplasty.  

According to Dr. Choi, there are four main components to a beautiful eye:

  1. Iris should be around 90% exposed
  2. Eyes should be big. (Vertical height 8-10mm, horizontal length 27-29mm)
  3. Optimal ratio of inner and outer half = 4:5
  4. Thin double eyelids are present

Now that we know the secret to the golden ratio. Is there any procedure to achieve it? The answer is yes. 

Solution #1 Eye Slant Lowering Surgery

People with upward-slanting eyes often appear angry and stern, so the usual correction done is eye slant lowering surgery. In this procedure, an incision is made on the eye slant and the lower eyelid is fixed to the lower orbital bone. Since the upper eyelid is not corrected, it stays in its original position As the correction only happens on the bottom eyelid, a "ㄷ" shape appears on the outer corner of the eye. It makes your eyes look smaller as the outer corner is shorter. This is known as the "ㄷ" complication.

Photo Credit: Grace Plastic Surgery Korea

Solution #2 Lateral Canthoplasty 

Photo Credit: Grace Plastic Surgery Korea

Lateral canthoplasty is also another common surgery in Korea that people get in other to widen their eyes. However, doing lateral canthoplasty on its own gives you limited results. The left picture shows the results of lateral canthoplasty only, while the right picture shows the results of dual canthoplasty.

Different plastic surgeons have their own methods that they've developed. Today we're going to introduce how Dual Canthoplasty is done at Grace Plastic Surgery shared by Dr. Choi, which avoids this "ㄷ" complication and also maximises results.

Dual Canthoplasty

Photo Credit: Grace Plastic Surgery Korea

Dual canthoplasty solves the issues of eye slant while avoiding "ㄷ" complication at the same time. It refers to doing both the eye slant lowering surgery and lateral canthoplasty at the same time.

  • Eye slant lowering surgery: Reduce eye slant, lowers lower eyelid to make eyes more attractive and longer
  • Lateral canthoplasty: Releases the upper and lower eyelid muscles to avoid "ㄷ" shape on outer corner

How It Looks

Photo Credit: Grace Plastic Surgery Korea

As you can tell, the results from dual canthoplasty are amazing. While her eyes look big, they also appear balanced and attractive. This is because her eyes are now close to the golden ratio!

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