Fat Grafting with PRP Injection? Everything You Need to Know

We all know that sunken cheeks or sunken under-eyes on our face can make us look tired and older. Fat Grafting is a method of replenishing the volume of the face using your own fat from the tummy or thighs. By injecting pure extracted fat into a face area that lacks volume, Fat Grafting procedure can improve overall image and help achieve a younger look. To increase its effectiveness, PRP Fat Grafting is done, where PRP injection is combined with the Fat Grafting procedure.

Photo Credit: Marble Plastic Surgery Korea

Effect and Maintenance

You might be wondering, then how long does fat grafting last? The key measure of successful fat grafting procedure is the engraftment rate, which is the amount of surviving fat in the transplanted fat. As new blood vessels grow between the transplanted fat cells, they supply oxygen and nutrients. Usually 50% of the fat is engrafted and the remaining 50% is absorbed. According to Dr. Lee Joon Hee at Marble Plastic Surgery Korea, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Injection helps increase the engraftment rate up to 80% and therefore helps to achieve a longer and better maintenance.

What Exactly is PRP Injection?

You must have heard of the famous “Vampire Facial”. PRP is a plasma component that enriches platelets more abundantly than blood using a centrifuge, as shared by Dr. Lee. He further adds “when the fat is transplanted, PRP can improve the engraftment rate of fat, so you can expect satisfactory results even with a single session of fat grafting procedure”. In addition, PRP growth factors have the advantage of helping regenerative effects and skin elasticity. PRP is not only accompanied with Fat Grafting procedure but done by itself or done with other anti-aging procedures including Aqua Shine Injection and other skin boosters.

Will Engrafted Fat Stay Permanent?

According to Dr. Lee, “the transplanted fat will persist permanently upon engraftment”. Our body works in the same way: when we gain fat, we also gain fat on an engrafted area, and when we lose fat, we lose engrafted fat as well.

Areas Where Fat and PRP are Injected

Photo Credit: Marble Plastic Surgery Korea

This can be customized according to each person based on his or her concerns, volume on face and elasticity of the skin due to overall aging. The most common areas include lower forehead, upper eyelids, dark circles, nasolabial folds, front cheeks, temples and chin.

How Long would Operation and Recovery Take?  

Operation time takes about 1 hour with sleeping anesthesia. Recovery period is about 3-4 days and you can expect swelling within the recovery period. No hospitalization is required.

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