The most effective lifting procedure for wrinkles and sagging skin told by a Korean plastic surgeon

As we get older, aging begins in many parts of our body, including our skin, muscles, and immunity. The most common result from aging is wrinkles. Facial wrinkles that are easily visible to the naked eye appear in various areas such as the palms, foreheads, in between eyes, and mouth.

Photo: Dr. Yoon Jung-ho, Director of Jewelry Plastic Surgery

About Incisional Face Lifting

The most effective method of removing wrinkles is the Incisional Face Lifting. The Incisional Face Lifting surgery is designed to help improve the elasticity of the face by removing the basic SMAS tissue and facial support bands that cause skin drooping due to aging and loosening of the peritoneum (SMAS) in the skin. There are usually three different types, which are the incisional forehead lifting, incisional face lifting, and bottom-face lifting.

1. Incisional Forehead Lifting

First of all, the forehead takes up a large portion of the face and the muscles in your forehead are used every time you open your eyes, which explains why wrinkles form so easily on the forehead. The most effective surgery to improve wrinkles on the forehead is Incisional Forehead Lifting. Incisional Forehead Lifting is a surgical procedure that lifts the skin on the forehead through a small incision in the scalp. Because it minimizes damage to the scalp or hair, no incision is visible within the scalp, and the endoscope is used to remove muscles and tissues that pull down the forehead, and then fix the forehead skin by lifting it up.

Dr. Yoon Jung-ho, director of Jewelry Plastic Surgery, shared that "The Incisional Forehead Lifting is one of the surgeries that uses endoscopy to check the positions of blood vessels and nerve, allowing for minimal incision. Patients can expect great results from it." He also explained that "It's not just about pulling the sagging forehead skin, but it's important to precisely remove and rearrange the inner muscles and structures of the sagging eyebrows and forehead."

2. Incisional Face Lifting

In addition to the wrinkles on the forehead, the overall wrinkles on the face, such as the smile lines and mouth wrinkles, can be improved by this facial surgery. It is an Incisional Face Lifting surgery to improve wrinkles and sagging of the skin across the face, and it removes and fixes parts of the tissue that are not needed after removing the skin from the peritoneum (SMAS) layer by peeling off the skin after minimal incision.

3. Bottom Face Lifting

Finally, if your concern is the bottom part of the face, the Bottom Face Lifting surgery would be suitable for you. It is also suitable for middle-aged people who are unsure about full face lifting, and prefer to focus on certain areas such as the jawline, cheeks, and face contour. It has the advantage of reducing the burden on patients because the range of skin incisions and detachment is narrow, so recovery is fast and only the desired areas are intensively improved.

As for Bottom Face Lifting, Director Yoon Jung-ho said that "It is a surgery that utilizes minimal incision and endoscopy, but safety is essential for this incisional lifting, just like other surgeries." He advised patients to carefully examine the safety system of medical institutions and to choose those that take responsibility for the safety of patients. He also stressed the importance of a medical institution that can accurately diagnose a patient's condition after surgery and provide a corresponding follow-up system.

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