A Korean Dermatologist's Guide To Facial Fillers

Filler injection has become a common procedure these days worldwide, and the most popular facial areas of injection include lips, smile lines, and nose. Today we would like to introduce some new special areas where people are starting to get fillers in Korea and what to look out for when you seek a filler treatment. 

Getting filler injection in these new areas including philtrum, mouth corners, earlobes and many more are becoming more commonly seen these days. One of the most frequently asked questions is then, "Is that safe? Does it require more delicate skills especially for these new areas?" Dr. Kim Jiseon, a dermatologist and director of MH Clinic shares that after nearly a decade of filler treatments, "Fillers in special areas require you to be more delicate and sensitive, and this is only gained from many years of experience with giving fillers and seeing different patients."

Not just an injection, but a design for your face

Even though the same 10cc filler may be used on the same spot, the effect varies according to the patient's overall face shape, shape of the forehead, and the treatment method and design.

The most important key point when getting a filler in a special area is design. You might find this surprising, but Dr. Kim shares that filler treatments actually require a more detailed and meticulous design than a full face treatment because the balance of other facial features has to be taken into account when deciding the exact areas to inject the filler.

Fillers for every facial part 

Fillers can improve wrinkles and face shape among other benefits, by filling up various areas of the face. Here's a list of all the areas you can get a filler in, and what it does for your face.

  1. Forehead - Makes the flat, bumpy forehead look voluminous and full.
  2. Temples - Filling the area that connects the forehead with the cheekbones creates a softer impression.
  3. Frown lines - Smoothens the wrinkles created by frowning action and softens angry expression.
  4. Aegyosal (Love bands under the eyes) - Makes your eyes look more lively and gives a younger impression.
  5. Front cheekbones - Adds volume to flat and wide-looking cheekbones, makes your face look more three-dimensional and smaller.
  6. Nose bridge and nose tip - Creates a higher nose bridge and more voluminous nose tip for a more well-defined look.
  7. Tear trough - Adds volume to the tear trough wrinkles and improves the tired-looking expression.
  8. Sunken under-eyes - Adds volume to the sunken areas and covers dark circles.
  9. Philtrum - Creates an ideal nose angle on the side profile.
  10. Smile lines - Smoothes wrinkles around mouth that can give away your age and make you look grumpy.
  11. Cheeks - To reduce the look of prominent cheekbones, creates a softer image.
  12. Earlobe - Apply volume to split or injured earlobe to fill up lost fat.
  13. Mouth corners - Treats wrinkles around the mouth corners, corrects mouth shape and gives a friendlier impression.
  14. Lips - Add volume to thin lips to create luscious plump lips.
  15. Tip of chin - Creates a beautiful oval face shape and V-line.

Common Misconceptions

Can fillers be injected by any doctor? No!

Depending on the design of the procedure, the results can either turn out to be beautiful or mediocre. That's why the design of the filler procedure is so important, and you need a professional for that.

Are all fillers made of the same materials? No!

If you choose a filler that is unsuitable for you due to cost, you might find yourself wasting even more money because the results do not turn out the way you wanted. Getting an unsuitable filler can hurt the balance of the face. Choose a filler that fits your face and the area of concern, so you won't regret having done the procedure in the future.

A certain volume (certain number of cc) is needed for filler? No!

Another typical misconception is that you need to get a certain amount of filler. Of course, there is a minimum filler capacity cc for the area, but the principle of filler treatment is that over-treatment can lead to the loss of aesthetic balance. It is important to create balance with fillers, rather than be fixated on how much filler is being used.

Are HA fillers always safe? No!

The notion that HA fillers are unconditionally safe is false. All filler treatments carry the risk of side effects, and Dr. Kim's clinic has one of the safest treatment ratings. They also have a Cosmetic and Treatment Side Effects Center where they see patients who have complaints of side effects after receiving procedures from other clinics.

More info?

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