The V-Line Treatment That Hollywood Celebrities Swear By

If you're a fan of Korean skin lasers, you must have heard of the popular ones: Thermage, Ultherapy and Shurink. New skin lasers are popping up in Seoul every year, and here at Eunogo, we work hard to ensure that they are both safe and effective before introducing them to The latest skin laser to hit the shores of Korea is the InMode Lifting, and you can now get it at Clar&B Skin Clinic in Seoul. InMode Lifting is extremely popular in the US and Canada, and has been featured on numerous medical TV shows in America. Many celebrities swear by this treatment, but what makes it so good?


What can InMode Lifting do?

InMode Lifting is an extremely well-rounded laser. It has multiple attachments, each with its own function. InMode Lifting can be used to address double chin, flabby cheeks, and excessive fat, but also lack of facial fat and lack of skin elasticity. In case you're wondering, the laser can also be used on the body!

Let's take a closer look at the various modes:

1. Fat Cell Removal

This mode removes unnecessary fat in the face, giving you a nice facial contour. It uses HVP energy at 45-47°C, and the heat kills the fat cells by inducing fat cell death. This mode is especially useful for double chin and sagging cheek fat.

Compared to other lasers that use only vacuum and RF, the MiniFX in InMode Lifting also uses HVP, which helps to target the fat cells more effectively. After 2-4 weeks, these fat cells will be released from the body naturally.

2. Collagen Remodeling

It's not enough to simply remove excess fat from the face, because it will result in sagging skin in the areas where fat has been removed. It's equally important to tighten the face by improving the skin's elasticity. That's where the second part of the InMode Lifting laser comes in, this Multi-Polar tip helps improve wrinkles and lift sagging skin by promoting elastin regeneration.

The Multi-Polar tip induces collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid production. It does so by raising the skin surface temperature to 43°C and remodels collagen with strong thermal stimulation to the dermal layer, 5mm deep within the dermis. If you're worried about the heat, this device is FDA approved and is proven to be safe and reliable. With its Cut-Off Technology, the temperature is checked 1,000 times a second to ensure the temperature is stable. It is a comfortable procedure and you can get it without worrying about burns, blisters, or pain.






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