Top 10 Most Amazing Plastic Surgery Before & After Photos

Before and after comparison photos of Korean plastic surgery is always intriguing, and we know many of you feel the same! In this journal, we've gathered the best cases of Korean plastic surgery. Read on to see the amazing before and after photos and find out what procedures they did.

Eyes: Double eyelid revision surgery, epicanthoplasty, under-eye fat removal⁠
Nose: Revision rhinoplasty⁠
Face: Fat grafting, facial contouring surgery (cheekbone, jaw and chin) 

Forehead: Fat grafting
Nose: Revision rhinoplasty on the nose bridge and tip
Face contouring surgery: Square jaw, cheekbone, and chin surgery

Eyes: Non-incisional ptosis correction (eyelid surgery)
Nose: Nose bridge, nose tip, alar reduction surgery
Facial contouring surgery: Square jaw, cheekbone and chin
Fat grafting: On hollow areas

Eyes: Revision eye surgery, dual trim (canthoplasty and canthopexy), under-eye fat repositioning⁠
Nose: Nose bridge and tip surgery⁠
Face: Full-face fat grafting, thread lift, liposuction⁠

Eyes: Double eyelid surgery
Face: Cheekbone reduction surgery, facial fat grafting surgery

Eyes: Double eyelids, inner and outer eye corners, under-eye fat repositioning⁠
Nose: Hooked nose correction, nose tip reduction⁠
Face: Cheekbone, square jaw, chin, and fat grafting⁠

Eyes: Dark circle surgery

Nose: Rhinoplasty
Facial contouring surgery: Cheekbone reduction, V-line square jaw surgery and removal of buccal fat

Eyes: ⁠Incisional double eyelid surgery and epicanthoplasty
Nose: Rhinoplasty

Eyes: Double eyelid surgery, lateral canthoplasty, under-eye fat repositioning 
Nose: Rhinoplasty, nose tip reduction
Facial contouring surgery: Jaw, cheekbone, chin surgery, jaw botox
Face: Liposuction in cheeks and double chin, fat grafting

Forehead: Fat grafting
Eyes: Non-incisional double eyelid surgery
Nose: Nose bridge, nose tip surgery
Facial contouring surgery: Square jaw, cheekbone reduction, chin, facial liposuction
Jaw: Protruding jaw surgery, gum surgery
Smile lines: Botox, fillers
Body: Liposuction on abdomen, love handles, thighs


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