Top 6 non surgical lifting procedures recommended by Korean celebrity dermatologists

In Korea, there are many types of lifting procedures which makes us feel overwhelmed to decide which one is right for me. We asked a few celebrity dermatologists in Korea what procedures have been steadily popular among Korean ladies in their 20's-40's!

lifting procedures in korea

 Dr. Lee Sohyun and Dr. Kim Jiseon at MH Skin Clinic

1. V-line Injection & Square Jaw Botox

This program helps achieving a slimmer v-line face without sagging double chin or bulky jaws. The composition for v-line injection may differ slight by doctors and combining the v-line injection with jaw botox will double the effect. Procedure takes less than 30 minutes but be careful about the side effects. If the steroid or ppc components are mistakenly used, there is a risk of becoming sunken or sagging. It's important to choose a board-certified doctor with sufficient experience. 

2. Skin Botox

Skin Botox is injected via micro-needle into skin layers especially where skin elasticity is lost. Unlike the regular botox procedure, skin botox does not really affect the movement of facial muscle and thus loved by many celebrities. The effects include wrinkles reduction, delaying the aging, improving skin elasticity and pore control. It takes total 60 minutes including numbing cream and consultation. Available at Eunogo at $440 for full face

3. Aqua Shine Injection

Recommended for people with dry skin, aqua shine injection will hydrate the skin and provide anti-aging effect that evens out the skin tone. How it works? HA filler based Aqua Shine injects hyaluronic acid deep inside the skin. There are mainly two methods for injecting the aqua shine: 1) using dermashine machine so that ingredients are evenly injected into the skin 2) dermatologist hand injects to the skin so that she or he can control the amount based on the part of the face. Immediately after the procedure, a little embossing occurs which will disappear after 4-5 days. Procedure will take about 90 minutes. It can be mixed with botox or PRP for a stronger lifting effect. Available at Eunogo at $330.

4. Thermage + Ultherapy

Although doing Thermage or Ultherapy alone is known to be quite effective for lifting, the effect doubles when thermage and ultherapy are combined together. The procedures are recommended to those in their mid to late 30's or above. It may be difficult to enhance severe sagging, but it is effective for overall face lifting. Sedation is needed and the effect lasts up to 1 year. 

5. Thread lifting

Thread lift involves inserting dissolving or non-dissolving threads into the skin for a face lifting effect. The effect lasts from 2- 5 years depending on the type of thread. Thread type can be decided after medical consultation and it is often based on skin age, skin type, fat accumulation, and previous treatment that patient had before. Especially, it works best for the skin type where the fat layer is not excessive. 

lifting procedures in korea

 Dr. Kang Jung-ha at Sulskin Clinic Korea

6. PRP Injection

Although PRP injection is not technically a "lifting" procedure, it is a very popular anti-aging treatment due to its excellent effect on skin tone improvement and scar treatment. Also it is often combined with other laser treatments and injection procedures such as aqua shine injection. Only the pure regenerated cells from blood are extracted and injected into the face. Because the skin rejuvenates the regenerative power, it increases the resilience of the skin itself. Aqua shine + PRP Injection is available on Eunogo at $690.

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