Top 7 Secret Beauty Treatments that K-Pop Stars Actually Get

Do you aspire to achieve the flawless skin that K-pop stars have? Not many people are aware of the intensive beauty routines of these idols. In this article, we will introduce the top seven beauty treatments that K-pop stars get. Give them a try if you visit Korea!

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Most popular idol groups have hectic and jam-packed schedules. Some say it’s as if their schedules require 25 hours a day. Despite their busy daily lives, these idols' skin always remains resilient and lively. You might have heard of Suzy, an idol-turned-actress with bright and clear porcelain-like skin, as she is admired by many for having blemish-free skin at any angle. What's the secret to having such flawless skin and a slim body, other than eating and sleeping well?

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With K-pop's rising global popularity, many young Korean people as well as foreign fans wish to resemble the looks of their idols. In fact, many foreign fans visit Korea just to receive the treatments that their favourite celebrities got.

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One of the most frequently asked questions from those who visit Korean beauty clinics is this: What kind of procedures do K-pop idols get? We know many of you are curious, so we're going to introduce some of the procedures that Korean actors and idols receive, curated by Olivia, who was a entertainment producer who has interviewed several K-pop idols, and is now a Contents Director at Eunogo.

To get a smooth face without blemishes: Laser Toning

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In order to remove facial blemishes, Korean dermatologists recommend getting lasers for pigmentation every week. Among the lasers for pigmentation, Laser Toning is a laser that can be received without much irritation to the face. There is also no redness or swelling after the procedure. Usually, it is better to get multiple sessions of a less intense treatment for pigmentation such as freckles, rather than a single session of intense treatment. The treatment of Laser Toning usually happens once a week. After the laser treatment, there will be aesthetic care such as a facial pack or vitamin treatment to prevent your skin from becoming overly dry. Many Korean celebrities get this treatment every week. Since they film outdoors often, it’s important for them to remove the pigmentation as soon as they appear.

For wrinkles and saggy skin: Dermatoxin (Skin Botox)

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A treatment of Dermatoxin, also known as Skin Botox, every three months is common for reducing wrinkles and fine lines. When the skin layer stretches out, fine lines are formed and the pores become enlarged. Through the Dermatoxin procedure, the skin layer is tightened up, removing all the fine lines and leaving the skin glowy. When you look at Korean female actresses and girl groups members, you’ll notice that their skin seems to be shining. Dermatoxin improves your skin from within the surface layer, which explains the glowing skin. Since Dermatoxin can give dramatic results and noticeable improvement, it’s one of the top procedures in Korea.

Skin elasticity is more important than you think: HIFU Lifting Lasers

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We know that skin elasticity is important in maintaining a youthful appearance, but how can we go about doing that? While Dermatoxin works by tightening the skin’s surface layer, lifting lasers such as Ultherapy, Shurink, New Thera or Doublo Lifting Laser tighten up the SMAS layer of the skin, a layer deep within the skin that sags as we age. Depending on the degree of sagging skin, lifting lasers are performed once every three to six months. 

Popular all year round: Skin Booster Injections

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If your skin looks dull and dry even when you put on makeup, you can get skin boosters such as the NCTF Filorga (also known as Chanel injection in Korea) or Rejuran Healer. Skin boosters are injections that give your skin a much needed boost by providing it with various nutrients and vitamins. It restores your skin environment to the optimal state, and keeps it healthy.

To stay in shape: Body Botox

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If you look at K-pop girl group members, you’ll see that their legs look perfect even in shorts. Are they all born so slim? No, that’s not always the case. If so, what kind of procedures do they get to maintain their figure?

K-pop girl groups prefer a slender body figure to a masculine body figure, but since they dance a lot, their muscles can sometimes become over-developed. With Body Botox, muscle volume can be reduced in areas where muscle has over-developed. The most common areas where botox is needed are the calves, arms, and the back of the neck.

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After getting botox, the area will become relaxed, which prevents overuse. Since the muscles are not working as hard, they will be reduced in size. Botox can help your calves look slimmer when wearing high heels, your arms when you are wearing a sleeveless top and the neck line as well.

To target stubborn areas: Fat-dissolving Injection

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Another favourite procedure used by idols to keep in shape is the Cell-Cut Injection (or fat-dissolving injection). Dr. Choi Boyoon, who has been helping a lot of K-pop girl groups to keep in shape for years, says that they put in a lot of effort to maintain their beautiful body. These girls do not stay fit all 365 days of the year. Since they are also humans, they do indulge in delicious food when they are not promoting. However, when the moment comes to begin work again, they stick to a really strict diet and take care of even the smallest flabby areas.

Have you ever experienced any stubborn areas of fat where you can never get rid of no matter how hard you work out or change your diet? We know how hard it can be, especially for women who tend to store fat in their tummy and thighs. In Korea, fat from these areas are commonly removed with fat dissolving injections. The most common areas to get a fat-dissolving injection are the inner thighs and forearms.

Why these areas? The injections help to slim the thighs, such that there is a straight silhouette of the legs. For those who have fat around the forearms, the fat can stick out in the back when standing upright, causing your shoulders to look broad. That’s why the forearms are also a popular choice.

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Dr. Choi recommends the fat-dissolving injection 4 to 5 times on a weekly basis. These procedures for the body should start 1 to 2 months prior to any important event you might have, such as a wedding. When it comes to botox, the best results will be seen one month after the procedure. As the frequency of the fat-dissolving injection has to be at least 4 times on a weekly basis for best results, K-pop idols begin their preparations at least one month before their music video shoots.

For a sharp jawline: Botox for Jaw Reduction

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Did you know that the jawline is the most important area for K-pop boy bands? If you look at these boy bands, you will see how small and handsome their faces are. However, if you meet them in person, you are going to be surprised that their faces are much smaller than their faces on the screen.

In order to get a sharp and chiselled jawline, a V-Line Package is the obvious choice for many idols. If you study the jaw closely, there are several muscles that help you to chew. As you eat your meals everyday, these muscles can grow in size as they work. Above these muscles are the fat in your cheeks. There is also some fat under the jawbone, and if this fat becomes very visible, it becomes what is known as a double chin. A V-Line Package consists of botox, which is used to reduce the size of the jaw muscles, and a facial contouring injection, which gets rid of cheek fat and double chin. As the jaw botox lasts for 6 months, idols often get them every 5 to 6 months.

When you see the amount of procedures that idols have to get in order to maintain their looks and body, you’ll see why they are so busy! A typical beauty treatment program for these idols would look like this: Laser Toning and skincare treatments every 1 to 2 weeks, Dermatoxin and Lifting Lasers every 3 months, Jaw and Body botox every 6 months, and Skin Booster injections as and when it’s needed.


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