Traveling for Transformation: Considerations for Permanent Makeup in Korea

Traveling for Transformation
: Considerations for Permanent Makeup in Korea
In this edition, we aim to address the curiosity of customers seeking permanent makeup during their travels in Korea. With a growing interest in permanent procedures among visitors, we sit down with the director of SSLAB Cheongdam, who has been impressively catering to a diverse clientele.

Q1: What led you to start practicing permanent makeup?
Taking a break from a lengthy corporate career for health reasons, I unexpectedly encountered permanent eyebrow makeup. The desire to learn and the subsequent training exposed me to various techniques. Given my natural inclination for hands-on work and a knack for it since childhood, I felt it was a perfect fit. Achieving customer satisfaction, especially in challenging cases, brings me immense joy.

Q2: It's known that you provide education. Could you share more about your training methods?
The interest in education naturally arose from positive customer outcomes. Offering comprehensive training covering all aspects of permanent makeup, including various techniques for eyebrows, eyeliners, hairlines, lips, scalp micropigmentation, and skin cover-ups.

Q3: What aspects do you prioritize when caring for your clients?
Beyond immediate post-treatment aesthetics, minimizing long-term damage is crucial. Customizing techniques based on individual skin types is essential for safe and impeccable results. I continuously research and strive to provide the best, considering techniques that enhance beauty over time according to different skin types.

Additional Questions:
As more people opt for permanent makeup to simplify their beauty routines and enhance their natural features, are there any precautions they should take before the procedure? Any considerations for allergies?
Before the procedure, clients are advised to:

⚠️ Avoid excessive alcohol the day before.
⚠️ Refrain from grooming eyebrows too close to the procedure date.
⚠️ For hairline procedures, avoid dyeing or perming 1-2 weeks before.
⚠️ For eyeliner procedures, no lens wear and no eyelash extensions.
⚠️ Remove lenses for eyelash perm procedures and bring a lens case.
⚠️ For lip procedures, maintain lip balm application and avoid excessive peeling before the appointment.
⚠️ Women are advised to avoid the procedure around menstruation due to potential slight discomfort.

A natural lip semipermanent procedure


What tips do you have for clients considering permanent makeup to minimize their beauty routine and achieve a natural look?
Preparation Tips:
🔹 Avoid excessive alcohol and laser treatments the day before.
🔹 Refrain from grooming eyebrows too close to the procedure date.
🔹 Specific tips for hairline procedures, eyeliner procedures, lip procedures, and for women regarding menstruation are provided.


A natural hairline semipermanent procedure

Are there any restrictions or precautions for clients traveling to Korea for the procedure?
Clients can resume daily activities, including facial cleansing, from the day of the procedure. However, swimming and sauna activities are to be avoided on the 7-10 day to prevent interference with pigmentation. Combining other beauty procedures is possible, but direct care on the treated area should be avoided for about a week before and after.



We've gathered answers to frequently asked questions about permanent makeup from our expert. For more details or specific inquiries, feel free to leave a comment. We strive to ensure the best results and a safe experience for our clients.


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