Elevating Beauty's Endurance: A-Z Tips for Permanent Makeup


Modern Beauty Trends: The Era of Effortless Natural Beauty

In today's world, we can feel a significant shift in our approach to beauty and aesthetics through our skin. The era of heavy makeup is gradually coming to an end, and a more natural and effortless beauty routine is gaining popularity. This time, we aim to explore valuable insights into the trends in South Korea's permanent makeup procedures and how to maintain the results effectively.


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Maintaining Permanent Makeup: The Secret to Sustainable Beauty

Permanent makeup is often mistaken as truly permanent, though it may fade slightly over time. Therefore, careful consideration and information gathering are essential before opting for cosmetic tattoos. Preventing issues like pigmentation and scarring requires knowing which pigments are used and avoiding techniques that may cause scarring. Consultation beforehand is crucial.

Retouching standards can vary, depending on the treated area and skin type. Generally, procedures like eyebrow enhancement, hairline shading, and skin coverage are recommended to be revisited every 1 to 2 years.

Maintenance Durations by Area

  • Eyebrows: Typically, eyebrows require a touch-up every 1 to 2 years, but this duration can vary depending on skin type and lifestyle factors, sometimes lasting even longer.
  • Hairline: Hairline shading procedures are typically recommended for touch-ups every 1 to 2 years, with variation based on skin type and individual differences.
  • Skin Coverage: Skin coverage treatments usually follow a 1 to 2-year touch-up pattern, but this timeline may differ according to skin type and personal variations.


permanent make up korea



Retouching and Maintenance: The Key to Sustaining Beauty

In cases where touch-ups are needed after a permanent makeup procedure, they are generally offered free or for a fee within two months. Retouching plays a vital role in optimizing the initial results and maintaining consistent coloration in the treated areas. Thus, opting for retouching is highly recommended, and additional sessions can be scheduled as needed.



Differences According to Skin Type

The duration of permanent makeup can vary based on skin type. Oily skin, due to its sebum production, may experience a relatively faster fading of pigments. Conversely, dry skin may have a higher initial exfoliation rate. Skin conditions such as sensitivity, acne-prone skin, and oily skin can pose challenges for color retention.

As interest in permanent makeup grows among visitors to South Korea, we are grateful to the guidance provided by the head of SSLAB Cheongdam. Their insights ensure that customers can always maintain their beauty safely and gracefully.