Truths and myths about stem cell therapies: Fat Transfer vs. Stem Cell Fat Transfer

stem cell therapies korea
One of the hottest keywords in anti-aging market is ‘stem cell plastic surgeries’ that goes beyond just curing diseases but also working as an innovative source of beauty treatments.
Stem cells can be used in a variety of operations ranging from breast/hip implants, anti-aging surgeries, skin therapies to even cellulite-care treatments that are done after liposuction. Interest in stem cell surgery has dramatically risen to cope with the latest focus in plastic surgeries – safety and natural-looking outcomes. So the recent trend is more on injecting fats and stem cells in the treated areas rather than implanting silicon during breast implants and facial lifting surgeries.
Stem cells have several advantages such as allowing sufficient production of growth factors which leads to anti-inflammatory effect, having differentiation potential to fats, cartilage, bones and muscles, regenerating blood vessels and giving a fast recovery. So they can be utilized in many areas such as treating diseases and enhancing curative value. An expert in plastic surgery has quoted as saying “Fat transfer surgery using stem cells divides stem cells from fats and transfers the mixed cells and fats to treated areas. Stem cells not only help to maintain fat volume but also diminish wrinkles and freckles.” There’s a high chance of success in transferring and implanting fats with stem cells and people can expect natural-looking outcomes since stem cell surgery uses patients’ own tissues. So stem cell surgery is such a big hit not only among younger generations but also among 40s and 60s since it does not give so many side effects that may come from plastic surgeries using silicon.
stem cell therapies korea
One of the most popular beauty treatments that use stem cells is definitely ‘fat transfer surgery.’ The surgery slows down aging process and increases facial volume by transferring fat cells as well as stem cells to treated areas. There’s a higher chance of successfully transferring fats and maintaining facial volume for a long time compared to an ordinary fat transfer surgery. The stem cell operation also improves skin condition while giving an anti-aging effect. Overall, the operation helps to increase facial volume as well as making a younger and more dimensional facial look.
Treatment Info
  • Operation Hours: Within 1-2 hours
  • Anesthesia: Sedation Anesthesia
  • Hospitalization: No need
  • Removal of stitches: A week after operation
  • Post-care: 2-3 times
  • Recovery: Getting back to normal life is possible after 1-2 weeks
Who should get it?
  • People with flat forehead/temples
  • People with worry lines
  • People with drooping eyelids
  • People with dropping chin fats
  • People with facial wrinkles
Surgical Measure
Selecting treated areas after a consultation -> Collecting fats -> Separating pure fats and stem cells at a professional stem cell research center -> Injecting fats in the treated areas -> Transferring and implanting stem cells in the treated areas
Fat Transfer vs. Stem Cell Fat Transfer
Fat Transfer Process: liposuction -> Segregation -> Extraction of pure fats -> Separating pure fats from cells -> Extraction of stem cells -> Skin re-generation treatment -> Stem cell/fat transfer
Stem Cell Fat Transfer Process: liposuction -> Segregation -> Extraction of pure fats -> Separating pure fats and stem cells -> Extracting stem cells -> Skin re-generation treatment -> Fat transfer using stem cells
For ordinary fat transfer surgery, a chance to successfully transfer and implant fats has been relatively low depending on expertise and experiences of surgeons. (ex. Sometimes only 10-30% of fats become successfully transferred) So stem cell surgery has become an alternative to resolve problems such as short lasting fat volume. Along with this, there has been a report that stem cell surgery reduces a chance of suffering from side effects such as fat calcification.
What to watch out?!
It’s always wise to watch out for hospitals and clinics that run their business with improperly established equipment, no post-care service and surgeons without sufficient knowledge in stem cells. So patients that are interested in stem cell operation should always be cautious about hospitals with neither insufficient expertise nor background in stem cell research. Some of these places promote as if they’re using stem cells while the reality is that they’re just doing simple liposuction. If you receive any operations from these clinics, there’s a high chance of you suffering from dissatisfying results and side-effects. So always make sure to avoid places where they emphasize “dramatic increase in volume” without considering different conditions of individual patients. There are also some hospitals that exaggerate successful surgical outcomes and recommend patients to go through operations right after consulting with them.
It’s really important to have innovative equipment at ready to extract fresh and sufficient number of stem cells especially for liposuction – one of the hottest stem cell surgeries in the market. In addition, surgeons should have special know-hows and experiences in operations in order to utilize stem cells properly. Stem cells surgeries can be successful by injecting highest-quality resources to the treated areas during short and limited time. So make sure to check that stem cell research centers are fully equipped with professional researchers and high-tech equipment in order to extract the finest stem cells. Delicately segregating and extracting only the fat cells through professional technologies and preservation know-hows are also other key factors.

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