13 Burning Questions on Eyebags, Double Chin, and Liposuction Answered

A Singaporean influencer Yina Goh recently underwent several procedures in Korea with the help of Eunogo's concierge service. She had several concerns, mainly eyebags, double chin and fat on arms. After an online consultation with a Eunogo beauty expert followed by a medical consultation with Dr. Hu Jung Woo at Ruby Plastic Surgery, she decided to get under-eye fat repositioning surgery, a double chin lifting procedure, and a mini liposuction for her arms.

We have gathered the most frequently asked questions from Yina's followers after seeing Yina's plastic surgery journey. The responses were given by Dr. Hu, Yina's plastic surgeon at Ruby Plastic Surgery. 

Under-Eye Fat Repositioning Surgery (Eye Bags Removal) 

Q. Is it possible to get under-eye fat repositioning surgery outside of Korea (such as in Canada)?

A. It is possible to get this surgery in other countries besides Korea. However, the reason why many foreigners come to Korea to get this is because they are satisfactory surgery results and the care and customer service they receive before they come to Korea and until they return to their country.

Q. How long do you have to stay in Korea after this surgery?

A. We recommend you to stay in Korea for 7 days after surgery because the last treatment is on the 7th day. If you are unable to stay for 7 days due to a short schedule, you will be advised to receive the last few treatments in your home country after a minimum stay of 2-3 days in Korea.

Q. Is this surgery effective for dark circles?

A. This surgery is for repositioning under-eye fat that is concentrated on one side, which causes uneven eyebags. It depends for each individual, but if you have dark circles on one side because it is more sunken, you may see some improvement as the area is flattened out.

Q. Tell us more about the operation journey from start to finish.

Q.  Is stitch removal necessary for this operation?

A. Patients from other hospitals can leave the country immediately after surgery because they only have stitches on the inside, but Ruby Plastic Surgery does stitches both on the inside and outside, so the process of removing the stitches from the outside on the seventh day is required. The double stitching prevents the under-eye fat issues from happening again. Stitches removal is simple and it is available in many places in Korea at an affordable cost, if you have to travel elsewhere. You can approach Eunogo if you require additional help to find trusted clinics. For those who need to return to their home country before the 7th day, we will send you a separate guideline so that you can be treated safely and accurately. You can receive post-care even if you are far away through photo sharing.

Double Chin Procedure 

Q. Can you tell me about the advantages and disadvantages of non-invasive vs invasive procedures for double chin?

A. The popular non-invasive choices for double chin are laser lifting procedure as well as face contouring injection, that is injected into your chin to slim it down. Some injections use botox while others use a fat dissolving solution. An invasive procedure for double chin would be facial liposuction surgery. Check out the table below for a comparison between the two procedures.

Mini Arm Liposuction - Ultra Z Liposculpting 

Q. What is the recovery period? Is it true that it's hard to move your arms after surgery?

A. The recovery period is around 7 days after surgery. Most of the swelling disappears after one month, and the remaining swelling will disappear after 3 to 6 months depending on the individual. There is no issues continuing with daily life.

You may not have energy due to temporary loss of physical strength after surgery, but you will recover immediately as it is not a surgery that involves the muscles. If you follow the hospital's instructions, it will be fine.

Q. How is the liposuction done?

A. A tumescent solution is injected into the subcutaneous layer with a thin cannula, through a small incision that is between 0.5cm and 1cm. The fat cells are removed out of the body using negative pressure. In the case of arm liposuction, incisions are usually made at the elbows to minimize scarring.

Q. I am interested in liposuction on my thighs, and I am curious about the liposuction process.

A. It is the same as the liposuction process above (in question 2). However, the incision for thigh fat liposuction is usually carried out in the bikini line or butt line, where no scar is visible so you don't have to worry about scarring.

Q. Can you explain about the general background of liposuction?

A. It is a type of plastic surgery that simply extracts body fat. In some cases, it is conducted for medical purposes to reduce fat in extremely obese patients who are unable to lose weight through diets or exercise to regain a healthy body condition. It is also conducted for aesthetic purposes, it is performed for diet and body type correction purposes. It is suitable for those who are unable to lose weight no matter how much you diet or exercise, because it is an operation where you can see substantial results.

Q. Is thigh liposuction more expensive than arm liposuction?

A. Yes. Because thigh liposuction is an area that requires a larger quantity of liposuction solution (which means longer surgery time and more medication required etc.), it is more costly as compared to arm liposuction.

Other Safety-Related Questions

Q. Is it safe to go to Korea now due to the coronavirus situation?

A. As a medical institution that prioritizes safety along with the coronavirus response policy from the Korean government, we have established several measures. There is a double quarantine network in the hospital every day, daily disinfection of the entire premise and apparatus used, daily training for employees' safety protocol, providing patients with masks, and temperature checking and hand sanitization before entering the clinic.

Q. Is it true that in Korea, it is common that your doctor gets replaced by a less experienced, junior doctor when you undergo sleep anesthesia during surgery?

A. There are cases where some other Korean clinics have done this, and this is called Shadow Doctor (or Ghost Doctor). This is why it's important to choose a trusted clinic that has been verified by Eunogo. Ruby Plastic Surgery uses a strictly one-on-one patient and doctor relationship that allows you to get surgery and return home without any worry.

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