A Guide to Non-invasive Body Slimming Procedure and Why It Works

A lot of us have made resolutions to lose weight and become slimmer, but many are not open to considering surgery like liposuction. What if there is a program which offers the same effects as liposuction surgery using a non-invasive method? We heard of several slimming packages that promise just that, but we weren't sure how effective they'll be. To find out, we spoke to Dr. Yang Dong-jun from Cheongdam U Clinic in Seoul, Korea to learn more about these non-invasive body management procedures and if they really work.

Eunogo: What is non-invasive slimming program exactly? What treatments are included?

Dr. Yang: It is a total-care solution that consists of several treatments. They provide the same effects as liposuction using a non-invasive method, and is catered to the patient's condition and needs. Depending on the patient's condition, diet medicine is also prescribed, allowing for long-term maintenance with just one visit.

For example, the total-solution slimming package that we offer at Cheungdam U consists of lipolysis (fat-dissolving) injections without steroids, high frequency treatment to break down fats, tightening laser (Eclipse) and diet medicine. The areas that will be treated include the arms, accessory breasts, abdomen, thighs and calves.

Eunogo: Is this for anyone who wants slimming? Who do you recommend this program for?

Dr. Yang: I would recommend this to people who want the effects of liposuction without scarring or saggy skin. It is also useful for those who are already recovering from facial surgery in Korea, and wants further body management care. Foreigners who wish to manage their body while travelling at the same time can also benefit from a slimming package.

Eunogo: Could you walk us through the detailed process of how it works? 

Dr. Yang: Here's what to you can expect. You'll begin with a 1:1 medical consultation. After reviewing your case and understanding your personal condition and needs, there will be a pre-procedure photo-taking. You will then head for your procedures, which includes the lipolysis (fat-dissolving) injection, high frequency treatment, tightening laser and prescription of diet medicine. After the procedures, there will be another round of post-procedure photo-taking. Lastly, there will be after care instructions. The total visit will take around 1 to 1.5 hours. No anesthesia or stitch removal are required. You can resume daily activities right after the treatment, so you can continue shopping or travelling after your session.

Eunogo: How did you come up with this non-invasive slimming package program? How did it start? 

Dr. Yang: Although you can get dramatic results with liposuction, there are also side effects such as saggy skin and skin adhesion. We designed this package for those who want to avoid the side effects of liposuction surgery but still want to manage their body safely through steady management.

Eunogo: What's the difference between slimming packages and liposuction?

Dr. Yang: The biggest difference is that slimming packages are a non-invasive slimming treatment while liposuction is considered an invasive surgery. Therefore, the slimming package is free from the side effects of liposuction surgery. For example, the chance of incision scars or skin surface becoming bumpy is very low. In addition, our clinic's unique program uses lipolysis injections and state-of-the-art equipment to effectively destroy fat cells and release them out of the body. The slimming package also includes premium anti-aging body care such as various lifting equipment to tighten the skin. The lifting treatments are customized according to the patient's condition, to prevent saggy skin and improve skin elasticity.

Eunogo: What effects can I get from the slimming package? What was your best case like?

Dr. Yang: Even with just one session, you can experience slimming while keeping the skin elastic and supple. For patients who are able to visit Korea frequently, it is recommended that you undergo the slimming package at least three times, every three to six months. Many patients have reported smaller body measurements, and increased elasticity of the skin due to the treatments. The resulting body line created is much smoother and more beautiful than liposuction. This is one of our programs with high customer satisfaction.

See the Before and After photos below for some of the patients who have gotten the slimming package.

Eunogo: How long do the effects last after one session? What are some post-procedure precautions?

Dr. Yang: The fat cells are released out of the body with the lipolysis injection and high frequency treatments. Therefore, if you don't gain weight, the fat will not return. If your weight is maintained well, the effects will last for at least six months, and even the results of the lifting laser are gone, you will still have a slimmer line than before because the fat has already been released.

To add to that, although you can see results with just one session, if you want body anti-aging effects, it is recommend that you have at least three sessions, in intervals of three to six months.

Eunogo: What are the advantages of your body management program? What is different from that of other clinics?

Dr. Yang: Our clinic has a greater variety of equipment as compared to other clinics. Therefore, they can achieve maximum effectiveness with equipment that best suits your condition. In addition, clinics usually use injections that contain steroids, which means that the injections cannot be performed on multiple parts at the same time. Our clinic's lipolysis injections have the advantage of effective lipolysis and discharge without the use of steroids, which allows for the treatment of multiple parts at one go.

Eunogo: How long do you need to recover from the procedure? How much swelling and redness will there be during recovery?

Dr. Yang: In the case of the lipolysis injection, there may be some bruises depending on the patient's personal condition or skin complexion, but they will be gone in about a week. There will be no swelling or redness, so you can return to your daily activities right after the procedure.

Eunogo: Do you have any body managements tips for Eunogo customers living abroad?

Dr. Yang: It is important to continue managing your body in the short-term and to adhere closely to the after care instructions. If you undergo the slimming package, your body will be slimmer and your skin will be more elastic. The resulting body line might be more beautiful body than liposuction. If you follow the after care instructions and take the diet pills that they prescribe, the results will last longer and you can see a safe improvement without any side effects.

Eunogo: What do you think is the most important thing about the slimming package?

Dr. Yang: It's all about safety. It's much safer to be able to effectively dissolve fat without steroids. Another advantage is that you can see the effects of liposuction without incisions and with minimal side effects. It would be good to spend a pleasant summer with a slim body and tight skin as long as you put in constant care.

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