I tried the Korean Rejuran Healer and Doublo HIFU lifting Laser treatments

Jun, Eunogo's Concierge Manager decided to try a bunch of Korean anti-aging procedures. She got Rejuran Healer, a skin booster injection, and Doublo, a HIFU lifting laser.

As I'm entering my mid 30’s, I feel the need for anti-aging care more and more. I believe prevention is the best solution for anti-aging. When I see my clients, it is obvious who's invested in skincare, because there's a difference between those that do and those that don't. It seems like they age much slower or even backwards. That shows us how important maintenance and prevention are.

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Personally, I like skin booster procedures. It doesn’t harm or damage the skin but gives an instant improvement. Of course, the only downside is the needle. But there’s an undeniable fact, and it's that 'Beauty is pain'! However, the pain only lasts for a short moment and it is totally worth it when we think about the results after the procedure.

Among all the skin boosters, I decided to try Rejuran Healer this time. I wanted to focus on making my skin healthy since I was facing a loss of elasticity and rough skin texture. Of course, my skin was also very severely dry. If you’ve visited Korea during winter, you would know. Winter in Korea is no joke. The weather is too harsh for your skin. Rejuran Healer repairs damaged skin cells and stimulates collagen production to thicken the dermal layer. It is more focused on solving the fundamental problems than just focusing on hydration. Since it has a high capability of regeneration/revitalization, it makes the skin healthier overall. The treatment has been proven to improve wound healing, skin complexion, acne scars and even pigmentation.

When I had a consultation with the doctor, she recommended me to get Doublo Lifting Laser together with the Rejuran Healer to accelerate the effect. I was quite worried since I’ve never tried any lifting laser so far. Doublo is one of the HIFU procedures, targeting and tightening the SMAS (superficial muscular aponeurotic system) layer deep inside the skin. If you get Doublo with Rejuran healer, it means you would improve your skin from the dermal layer (surface) to SMAS layer (deep). That's why it’s called the 'Total Lifting Care'!

Applying numb cream so it won't be painful later!

Of course, I was so excited to get the procedures but I was also quite worried since it was my first time getting the Doublo so I didn't know what to expect for the pain level. The nurse told me it’s not going to be painful and many people actually get it without the numb cream. With that said, you can still opt for the numb cream if you are worried! In my case, I applied the numb cream for about 20 mins since I was getting the Rejuran Healer.

Getting the Rejuran Healer

Getting the Doublo Lifting Laser

Honestly, I found Doublo quite comfortable and not painful! I would definitely recommend getting the Doublo since there's no pain and downtime involved. Maybe just a little bit of redness? It could be due to the heat energy that the Doublo applies, but the redness is not obvious.

Wrapping up with a soothing facial massage to reduce bumps

The most frequently asked question from my clients is about downtime. Right after the procedure, I had a few bumps because of the Rejuran Healer, but in a few hours time, they were fully absorbed. Also, there were some needle marks that lasted for about 3~4 days and a tiny dot of bruise on my chin which lasted about a week. However, I didn’t really have any problem with that since I was able to wear makeup the next day.

It had been around 3 weeks since I got the Rejuran Healer as well as Doublo Lifting Laser. I can feel that my skin has become tighter and firmer, especially when I put on skincare products after I wash my face. I used to feel the dryness from the inside of my skin even though I put lots of moisturizing creams, but now it feels full of moisture. I had tried the Chanel injection and I can feel a distinctive difference between Chanel and Rejuran Healer. If the Chanel injection is a hydrating bomb, the Rejuran Healer has more of a fundamental firming effect. I think it might also be due to the synergetic effects with Doublo.

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My skin is now so dewy, like mochi! Since I’m seeing such a difference, I’m planning to return for a second session of these procedures. I’ve already recommended them to a few of my close friends. If you plan to visit Korea, why not try these latest tightening procedures since they only take 1.5 hours and don’t really have downtime? I swear it’s totally worth it! I think there’s no reason not to try Doublo and Rejuran Healer if you would like to regain your skin elasticity.

If you are interested in Rejuran Healer and Doublo Lifting Laser, you can click on their links and book an appointment on our website. We also offer the Total Lifting Care treatment which includes both Rejuran Healer and Doublo. The synergy of both procedures will give you a boosted lifting effect!

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