Beauty Makeover Story: How did Sarah Oh get a perfect V-Line?

People usually think that your face shape has to be pretty in order to have a perfect doll-like appearance. Pretty faces stand out regardless of what kind of hairstyle you have or whether you wear sunglasses or a hairband. But as we all know, fat that is on the face and chin is not lost easily, even when you exercise or diet hard.

There has been a surge in the number of people choosing plastic surgery as a way to improve their looks and gain confidence. Many people are interested in face liposuction surgery because of its dramatic effects of fat reduction on the cheeks and chin, leaving a perfect facial line. There are also a lot out there who think that face contouring surgery can only be done with a major surgery that involves bone-shaving, but that is not true! Did you know that there are also non-surgical face liposuction procedures in order to achieve a slimmer face?

Eunogo collaborated with beauty influencer, Sarah Oh, who had a lifelong complex on the fat on her face and jaw. As an influencer who is known by her social media presence online as 'Oh My Gloss', being under the spotlight can be stressful.

(Left) Jun, Concierge Manager at Eunogo (Middle) Sarah Oh (Right) Dr. Shin Seung Ho at ATOP Plastic Surgery

To relieve her concerns, Eunogo arranged a perfect clinic for her to undergo the Korean Fox Face Shaping Surgery as well as Ultherapy Face Lifting to maximize the face slimming results. Let's begin by taking a look at the procedures Sarah received, in order to get the perfect face shape!

1. Korean Fox Face Shaping Surgery

Korean Fox Face Shaping Surgery removes unnecessary fat from the face with a  micro-cannula, without the need for having the jaw bones or inserting prostheses. It corrects your V-line naturally, and also has a lifting effect. Liposuction will be performed on the excess outer cheek, inner cheek and double chin fats for a slimmer and smoother facial line and V-line. This procedure is suitable for those with puffy cheek or chin fats and but are afraid of bone-shaving surgery

Before & After Photos of Korean Fox Face Shaping Surgery, ATOP Plastic Surgery


2. Ultherapy Face Lifting

Ultherapy Face Lifting is a non-invasive laser treatment to lift and tighten your skin. Both US and Korea FDA-approved, Ultherapy uses high-intensity direct ultrasound to tighten your skin. This procedure can only be performed by an experienced dermatologist targeting the right area for the maximum tightening effect while watching and diagnosing the skin condition directly through the imaging device, resulting in safer and more accurate procedure result. There is no downtime and you can return to your daily life or enjoy your vacation time in Korea immediately after the treatment.

Before & After Photos of Ultherapy Face Lifting


Curious about her experience? We have some interactive videos for you to watch! You can find out more about Sarah’s Double Chin to V-Line story on the links below:


You can also check out our 'Oh My Gloss' Highlights on Eunogo's Instagram to see the real-time updates that Sarah posted while she got her procedures!


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