[Korean Boy-band Looks Series 2] Must-Know facts about Male Rhinoplasty

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Plastic surgeries and beauty treatments are no longer just girls’ things but also boys’ desire and ambition to turn into a good and younger looking face. And the latest beauty operation trend for guys is all about cute and adorable ‘boy-band looks!’
Plastic surgeries for guys start and end with designing looks that can be attractive to girls and also to ladies. In order to achieve this perfect look, it’s important to create a slender and chic looking image by considering beauty standards tailored to men such as their physique, bone structure and skin thickness.
What’s trending and special about men’s plastic surgeries?
One of the most popular beauty operations is nose job which focuses on creating a straight lined and sharp looking nose for men.
As mentioned earlier, beauty operations for men should focus on developing their ‘charm’ by considering men’s unique physical features. This begins with making thorough surgery plans and ends with bringing the most natural-looking outcome. Plastic surgeries for guys should always focus on ‘inartificial’ and ‘natural’ looks unlike operations for women that bring dramatic changes. 
Nose job for men is all about creating a sophisticated and masculine look by designing a straight-shaped and sharp looking nose-line. Nose job is the most popular plastic surgery that men prefer in order to achieve dandy impression while women prefer double eyelid surgery the most. Unlike nose job for women that focuses on making a soft nose-line, men’s nose surgery completes a sharper looking image by creating a straight lined nose. Experts say it’s important to select a tailored surgical measure, anesthesia, height/shape of nose and type of implants by consulting with surgeons from different medical fields.
About the operation
  • Operation hours: 1-2 hour depending on surgical measures
  • Anesthesia: sedation
  • Hospitalization: unnecessary
  • Removal of stitches: 1-2 weeks depending on surgical measures
  • Recovery: Takes about a week
Who should get it?
  • Men with short nose
  • Men with short or stumpy looking nose
  • Men with long nose
  • Men with aggressive impression due to nose shape
  • Men with tilted or wide-shaped nose
  • Men wishing to achieve masculine beauty through nose job
Men’s nose job vs. Women’s nose job
M: Straight-lined shape from the top to tip of nose vs. W: Soft-curve and sharp looking nose
M: Thick and wide shaped nose vs. W: Slim and slender shaped nose
M: 90 degree angle between nose and lips vs. W: 90~100 degree angle between nose and lips
‘Angles’ matter the most for men’s nose job!
Nose job for men should always focus on creating an ideal-looking shape from every angle. In order to create a masculine nose-line that fits individual face, it’s always important to proceed with an operation by considering angles between nose and top of lips as well as angles between forehead and bottom of nose. The most ideal angle between forehead and nose is about 90 degrees.
** Must-consider (safety) tips about plastic surgeries for first-timers! **
  • Always check whether a hospital has a separate anesthesia department 24/7
  • Also check whether a hospital has systematic emergency system
  • Check whether a hospital has safety system that focuses on medical service tailored to patients’ needs just like large university hospitals
  • As a pre-surgery process, make sure to go through thorough medical and safety check-ups that consider individual health conditions
  • Disinfection system such as anti-bacterial surgery rooms is something extra to consider for safer operations
Achieve perfect boyfriend or boy-band looks with the trendiest nose job that we’ve outlined in the article. If you have a boyfriend or any close guy friends that you would like to share these information with, tell them not to be shy because plastic surgeries are no longer things for just girls!
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