Achieve the Perfect Celebrity V Line!

How can I get a slimmer face?

The “V-Line Injection” is the hottest thing right now in South Korea.

Cheek fat, double chin…they are hard to get rid of, aren’t they?

Having a nice and smooth face line is something that will highlight your facial features. A lot of women go through surgery in order to achieve the perfect V-line, or the egg-shaped face, and it takes real courage for someone to undergo a surgical process. The surgery may not be the right solution for everyone. However, the “V-Line Injection” procedure is simple and safe, and it has been proven effective through famous TV programs in South Korea—which is why it is drastically growing in popularity among Korean women.

What is the “V-Line Injection?


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The Injection stimulates the lymph circulation which will break down the fat on your face. The “V-line Injection” literally naturally contours the face into a smooth, sculpted face without any kind of complex surgical methods. The injection areas are the chin and cheek fat, and also around the cheek bone area to soften the face line and look younger.


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What are the advantages?

1. It does not require hospitalization or any kind of preparation before the injection as its method is not dangerous.

2. It can be injected in various areas of the face.

3. It can lift and smooth out sagging skin.

4. It does not require a recovery period — you can go back to your everyday life right after the injection.

5. Depending on the desired effect, it can be injected numerous times.

The injection process is simple:

1. You will select a desired area for the treatment.

2. The doctor will plan out a ‘design’ on the desired area.

3. Depending on the hospital, the anesthetic cream may be applied on the area or it may not be (If applied, you will wait about 20 minutes before the injection).

4. Injection!

In total, it will take around 5 – 16 minutes, and there won’t be much pain because the injection’s needle is ultra-thin.

Post-treatment instructions to keep in mind:

Like all injections / treatments, it is important to follow the instructions after the treatment for a more satisfying result.

1. There may be slight bruising and swelling, but they should go away in about a week. Ice or hot massage can be done.

2. Massage the injected area.

3. Stay away from using cosmetics that contain alcohol around the area.

4. Avoid the sauna for 2 – 3 days.

5. Avoid drinking and smoking for a week.

Because the “V-line Injection” does not go through a surgical process, the effect may be different for everyone. It is recommended to get the treatment 2 times for a desired effect. The result will slowly show within a week or two after the injection. Its simple and highly-effective procedure makes it popular among people who come to South Korea for a visit— however, the methods and the injection drugs are different for a lot of the hospitals, so it is very important to consult with the doctor.

The “V-line Injection” can be done with other mini-treatments / injections as well! 

With Botox, you can sculpt your features more.

With Chin Botox, you can visibly see your face reducing in size as the Chin Botox helps removing more fat.

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