Wake up revitalized with Cinderella Injection!

Wishing for a day to just lie in your bed for the entire day and forget about your busy schedule? For most of us, this just seems impossible in midst of the current fast-paced society. Day by day as your stress and fatigue builds up, you may see your face aging: dull skin tone, breakouts, dark circles and even fine wrinkles. Yet, there seems no be no way out of this busy schedule to restore your energy, except by yearning for a miracle to spark my stamina back in.
Don't worry, we are on the same boat and hence why we want to share the miraculous solution with you. 30- minute is all you need to feel revitalized with the Cinderella Injection. The Cinderella Injection, which is also referred to as a Baby Face Injection, is getting special attention in Korea as the "IU-Injection" because the popular celebrity, IU, is known to use the treatment frequently for her flawless skin!

So what is this Cinderella Injection?

When our body lacks vitamins and minerals, our skin will show. Vitamin and mineral deficiency will not only make you feel tired but also your skin cells won't be able to regenerate as rapidly, leading to dull skin tone and various skin problems. You may realize that after a good, long night of deep sleep your skin looks healthier. Hence, in order to provide you with what you need, the Cinderella Injection delivers 400 times more Vitamin C and E to the skin, consisting of various antioxidants, mainly alpha-lipoic acid. Vitamin C provides energy, facilitates blood circulation and the function of adrenal cortex that controls the secretion of hormones, altogether reliving chronic fatigue. These healthy vitamins and minerals will also help prevent aging and pigmentation to bring back a brighter, transparent skin tone and elasticity. Although the Cinderella Injection was originally used by many people to help them feel energized in the middle of the day, recently in Korea, it has been a popular choice for many celebrities as a rest stop and a skin care treatment.

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Get your result right away!

You may already be taking a variety of vitamin supplementary pills and wondering about the difference between pills and an injection. The Cinderella Injection goes directly to your bloodstream, rather than going through the digestive organs, allowing your skin and body to absorb faster. You can get immediate result from the injection without the fuss in trying to remember to take pills everyday!

Fast and simple! Good for anyone at anytime with anything!

The procedure takes less than 30 minutes with no need for a recovery time. Another major plus side is that the Cinderella Injection can be performed alongside other procedures. If you are in Korea for only a short period of time with a tight schedule, but still want a thorough skin-care treatment, try the Cinderella Injection along with another procedure for more effective result!

Should I be worried about side effects?

Alpha-lipoic acid is endogenous to our cells and is an essential substance for our bodies to produce energy. However, it is only limited in quantity and the supply decreases as we get older. The Cinderella Injection provides the essentials in controlled dosage so that your body gets what it needs -- no less, no more.

Think of the Cinderella injection as a 30-minute break from your busy schedule, whether it be work, studying or even travel! Your body needs a breaks and so does your skin. If you are feeling tired all the time and just want a day of rest, perhaps, Cinderella Injection is what you need.

More info?

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