All you need to know about fat grafting surgery

Not satisfied with the short-term effect of fillers injection or worried about the potential side effects from implants? Why not consider fat grafting surgery?

Fat transfer or fat grafting is the idea of taking fats from one’s body part such as the thigh or tummy and transferring them to places lacking in dimensional factor. Fat transfer provides an alternative for people who wish to enhance certain body parts such as breast or face.

The procedure is safer and has lower chances of complications as compared to other prosthetic surgeries since the patient is using his or her own tissues. Furthermore, it is longer lasting and gives a more natural effect as compared to fillers or silicone implants.

fat grafting in korea

fat grafting in korea

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Fat grafting surgery is a popular procedure not only for the middle-aged group who wish to slow down the aging process and maintain their youthful look, but also those in 20's-30's who naturally have sunken face or experienced the loss of fat in the face due to dieting. To solve such problems, people opt for fat grafting surgery in order to increase facial volume and to have a refreshed and brighter complexion. People who wish to have a more symmetrical face shape also choose to undergo fat grafting surgery to have a more defined look.

Fat grafting surgery begins with initial consultation with the doctor. Important details about surgery would be further discussed and after final consultation, a date would be set for the surgery. On the day of the surgery, anesthesia would be performed on the patient and the doctor would then extract fat cells from the designated body part. After which, the fat cells would be washed and purified by the use of a centrifuge before carefully injecting them into the areas which the patient had wished for augmentation.      

Although it was stated that fat transfer surgery has a lower chance of side effects, it does not mean that it is 100% risk-free. Lumping at certain areas of the place injected may occur and it is advisable to seek consultations and have follow up sessions with the doctor. Multiple rounds of fat injection may also be needed as there is chances that not all of the fat cells transferred would survive.

fat grafting in korea

After receiving the surgery, the patient has to take meticulous care of the donor sites of fats and body parts which had received the fat transfer. Stitches could only be removed at least a week after the surgery. Bruising and swelling from surgery are common and it would take a while before they completely disappear. It is advisable to stay away from smoking, drinking and exercising for at least 3 weeks after the surgery is performed. For safety and the best outcome, it is advised to have a healthy relationship with the doctor in charged as he or she would provide the patient with followed up information and care.

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