What is Korean Fox Face Shaping Surgery?

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Fox face shaping surgery is a facial contouring surgical method by ATOP Plastic Surgery in Korea which allows V-line to be created without undergoing bone surgery. You might be wondering, why is it called "fox face"? It is because the surgery is meant to achieve a sharp V-line jaw, similar to the v-shaped jaws that foxes have. 

Bone surgery is the most effective method in creating beautiful V-line contours, but it is also burdensome. Do you find it hard to make time, and can't take months off to recover from the surgery, but still want great effects? In this case, ATOP Plastic Surgery recommends fox face shaping surgery.

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Are you aware that many celebrities these days have had face contouring surgeries? There are many patients who decide to get this surgery without even recognizing if they need it. There are many patients who get the V-line effect from bone surgery if they have wide jaw bones, but many other patients also get can get V-line effects by adjusting the fat on their cheeks or jaw, or using fillers and botox.

Photo Credit: ATOP Plastic Surgery

The fox face shaping surgery uses a fine cannula to remove unwanted fat from the face, without shaving the bones or inserting prostheses, to create a natural V-line. That's why it's less of a facial contouring surgery, but rather it is known as face shaping.

Photo Credit: ATOP Plastic Surgery

The results for fox face shaping surgery are much more remarkable than just melting the fat cells with laser, since fat cells are grafted from the face instead. This procedure can also be done concurrently with thread lifting for additional lifting effects. Fox face shaping surgery boasts a fast operation duration and the stitches need not be removed, which makes it suitable for foreigners who cannot stay in Korea for a long time.

At ATOP Plastic Surgery, Dr. Lee Han Jeong is the doctor in charge of fox face shaping surgeries. Here are some of the common questions asked about this procedure, and Dr. Lee's answers to them:

Q. Is fox face shaping surgery simply face liposuction?

No, fox face shaping surgery removes excess fat from the cheeks and chin that is preventing you from achieving that slim jawline. After that, Square Jaw Botox and Chin Tip Filler is used to correct the V-line again, creating a more distinct and 3-dimensional V-line face.

Q. Is it possible to have consultation and surgery on the same day?

Yes, there are some cases where patients have done online consultations beforehand and then made a reservation for in-person consultation and surgery on the same day. However, you have to make sure that you adhere to the pre-operation precautions and instructions completely.

Q. What kind of anesthesia is used for this surgery?

Sleep anesthesia is used.

Q. How long do I have to stay in Korea?

Since there is no need to remove the stitches for this procedure, you only have to return to the clinic the day after the surgery for a follow-up to ensure that you are recovering well. Afterwards, there is no need to return to the clinic so usually, you can leave the country within 3 days after the surgery. However, there are some patients who have to return to the clinic on the seventh day after surgery for post-op care or progress check, and in this case, they have to stay for seven days.

Q. Is it true that this procedure involves a lot of swelling? What are the steps recommended by the doctor to reduce swelling?

This is difficult to answer because experience with swelling may differ depending on each patient's body. However, for this procedure, we use a cannula that is round and very fine. This is to minimize the damage to the skin during surgery, so as to reduce scarring and promote fast recovery. The amount of swelling may vary depending on the patient, but if you observe the post-op precautions and keep up with the use of ice packs, the swelling will go down quickly. A light walk will also help with circulation and deswelling.

Q. What should I be careful about after the surgery?

First, you should take good care of the wound in your mouth. There will be instructions on how to disinfect, apply sealant, and brush your teeth so that you can keep it clean and healthy after surgery. These are common surgical precautions, but one thing is particularly important. The swelling will slowly recede in the one month after surgery.

For facial contouring surgeries, a compression band is often used after the surgery. Beginning from the day after the surgery, wear it 24 hours a day for 1 week. From 2 weeks to 1 month after surgery, wear it to sleep. There are a lot of patients who do not do it consistently for the first one or two weeks, but this is very important. When you remove fat from your face, you end up with some space where the fat once was. This space is filled with blood and bruising. The compression band helps to keep the space tight. It helps the area of surgery to be well-positioned for recovery. It's natural that the skin becomes rigid or uneven during healing, and the compression bands will help a lot. Of course, it can be itchy and annoying until you get used to it, but please wear it because it will help in the recovery process.

Q. Some say that you shouldn't do facial liposuction if your skin is thin. What do you think, Dr. Lee?

Facial liposuction produces a slim V-line for those with a lot of fat. With that said, there are a lot of cases where patients with thin skin had exceptional results as well. The procedure is not so much dependent on the equipment, but rather the skill of the doctor. During consultation, the doctor will assess the patient's skin thickness and operate accordingly. Furthermore, if you're worried about sagging cheeks or fat after the surgery, this procedure will eliminate these concerns. There are a lot of patients who come here with these symptoms.

Q. Who is especially suitable for this surgery?

I recommend this to those who want a V-line facial line without bone surgery. This surgery is suitable for those with protruding buccal fat pads (deep fat pads located on either side of the cheeks, resulting in a lack of a smooth jawline), or those with excessive double chin or plump checks.

Photo Credit: ATOP Plastic Surgery
Post-surgery precautions
  1. Keep the area higher than the level of your heart.
  2. Apply ice packs for the first 3 days after surgery. Apply hot packs from the 4th day onward.
  3. Please disinfect your mouth after eating for the first 7 days after surgery. (You can rinse with water after gargling the disinfectant if it is too strong.)
  4. If you have stitches in your mouth, you should avoid snacking.
  5. The stitches in the mouth naturally melts over 7 to 10 days.
  6. Be gentle when brushing your teeth.
  7. No smoking or drinking for first 3 weeks after surgery.
  8. Avoid spicy and hot foods for 1 week.
  9. Avoid bath, sauna, and strenuous exercise for 1 month.
  10. You can take a quick shower on the day of the surgery, but please avoid the surgical site.
  11. A light walk will help you recover quickly.
  12. Post-operative bruises, swelling, and erythema may appear, but they usually disappear after 3-7 days. (Sometimes it lasts for about a month, depending on your constitution.)
  13. Replace the hydrocolloid bandages once or twice a day under the lobes of both ears and at the tips of the jaw.
  14. If you also had Square Jaw Botox injections, the botox effect will appear in 1-2 weeks.
  15. The swelling will slowly reduce over the next month.
  16. In some cases, you may feel numb after the surgery. This will gradually improve over 1-2 months.
It is important to adhere to this list of post-surgery precautions to ensure that you recover fully without any complications.

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