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Even when it is not the season of nakedness, we always want healthy bodies. Men have their own kinds of stress, just like women who are on diet for 365 days a year. No matter how great body they had in their age of 20s to 30s, men always have to be on diet when fat starts to pile up inside their bodies. Especially for abdomen area, men are likely to be off guard. What is worse, some people get even more sensitive because no matter how much they do abdominal exercises with enthusiasm, they end up not having the abdominal muscles they need. Our contemporaries’ lifestyle usually consists of working long hours, sitting in front of desk without exercising; then the chances of developing abdominal obesity gets higher and higher. Setting aside abdominal muscles, if you are worried about abdominal fat, or if you have a friend in such situation, let’s send this piece of article slightly.
To develop abdominal muscles, we have to get teachings from a professional trainer at gym, and be hard working at exercises for strengthening muscles. We have to follow systemic diet schedules, and to supplement protein, our diet list should mainly consist of food that we originally do not eat often – such as chicken breast meat and egg whites. Still, it is true that it does not work so well even when you work this hard. Even when you have done liposuction, the subcutaneous tissue lessens down but the clear contours of abdominal muscle are not manifested. Thus even if you decide on abdominal surgery, not everyone ends up being successful. Why this happens? It is because abdominal plastic surgery has to design the desired shape of abdomen and also, make the prince-like abdominal muscle called washboard stomach.
Main point of the surgical method is to conduct subcutaneous fat surgery to make the contours of abdominal muscle stand out. In the past, there were many problems with the surgical method. It used to be a way of cutting out loosened part, along with liposuction of abdominal fat and to suture upper and lower parts. But this method frequently generated drawbacks concerning blood circulation and seroma formation. Recently, the method of using ultrasonic wave device to make the desired muscle form of fat layer and subcutaneous tissue in up/down/left/right sides is being used. This is called ‘the plastic-engraving art of abdominal muscle’, which signifies how much we need a person with ample surgical experiences. After reading many reviews, we can all know that men’s abdominal muscle plastic surgeries especially require many senses.
The most popular form of the surgery is when young men already have developed enough muscles, but then it feels stressful for them that their muscles’ details are not seen well even when the amount of subcutaneous fat is small. In these cases, simply making the contours of muscles visible is enough. But for the cases where the amount of fat in abdomen is large, liposuction is conducted together with the surgery. There seem to be many cases when surgery is asked for to make the desired shape of abdomen or to obtain abdominal muscle in a short-term, so please read until the last line of this piece if you are interested~!
  • Prior checkups before surgery
    • Blood test, electrocardiography, chest X-ray, urine test etc. can be asked for ensuring safety of anesthesia and surgery. (According to surgeries, some tests can be omitted as well.)
    • At least 4 hours of fasting is necessary before the surgery. When the surgery is done with general anesthesia, at least 6 to 8 hours of fasting in advance is necessary.
  • Surgical Procedures
    • Check the exact treatment schedule and consult the doctor.
    • In cases where medical check-ups are necessary, the tests are to be preceded for checking the existence of abnormalities.
    • On the day of surgery, dietary restrictions, cautions before and after the surgery are to be checked.
    • Before surgery, pictures are taken and design would be conducted.
    • After the surgery is done, take enough recovery session and leave the hospital. Recovery would take about an hour to three hours.
  • Precautions
    • Have to wear loose clothes, so that it would be easier to wear after the surgery.
    • Compression garment should be worn. Normally it would be worn for around one month, and the compression garment can be tailored by requesting to the medical staff.
    • For 3-4 weeks after the surgery, alcohol/ tobacco/ exercise/ sauna are all prohibited. Especially smoking degrades blood circulation, and thus makes recovery of scar and swelling take longer.
  • Recovery Period and Management
    • Recovery period differs according to individuals, but usually after around 2 weeks, swelling and bruise disappear.
    • Compression garment is worn for around one month, and it helps to make the skin elastically fit together.
    • Exercising is possible after two weeks, but it is better to start with light aerobic exercise rather than muscle training.
    • After the surgery, additional massage and care program can be taken according to surgical results, and this helps the fat to burn more, relieve wounded area, and reduce pain.
    • According to how much care is taken, there can be individual differences in time needed for recovery.
Till now, we have briefly explained about abdominal plastic surgery for highlighting masculinity. Of course, abdominal muscles are not made in one day. If self-control efforts are failed after the abdominal muscle surgery, overall physical form’s balance would be ruined. You have to be careful not to have a six-pack that does not fit your abdomen. Still you can sustain abdominal muscle semi-permanently when you made it by plastic surgery. What is more, there are famous hospitals in Korea where you can have penis enlargement surgery with the fat extracted from your belly.
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