Wanna have baby skin? Learn about Baby Face Injection in Korea

how to get baby skin
There are countless injection procedures in K-Beauty. Some of the most popular injections include through the blood vessels, or straight in the face and there are a variety of different injections offered out there. You may get a little confused just by hearing the names. They include, contour injection, V-line injection, Cinderella injection, idol girl group injection and more! Do not be fooled by these eye drawing names!
What will be introduced today?
There is an injection procedure called, “the Baby face injection.” It contains a substance named, PDRN. The PDRN substance can be found in a fertile egg in the placenta by the slightest amount, which controls regeneration and metabolic activity. In the procedure, the substance will be injected and spread out throughout the face evenly, which leads to making a vast difference.
The major role that it has is to regenerate the damaged skin. After all the healing, it will not look artificial or plastic at all, but natural like it was all yours. It is known for less irritant and also for having similar results to PRP, which was found out through tests. The growth factors in the body take less than 10 minutes but the PDRN takes action and works in the body for as long as 12 hours. From the long lasting and highly effectiveness, it leads to skin cell regeneration, getting rid of scars, wrinkle-free, clean skin, and more! If you are looking for a whitening, brightening or pore minimizing effects, you should look for other procedures.
baby face injection before and after
<Before & After of Baby face injection procedure>
How do those substance work within the procedure?
A procedure called, MTS, is a way to inject in the helpful substances. By drilling thousands of fine holes into the skin, it stimulates the basal layer and leaves an effect. The doctors drill in the fine holes by using a stamp that has countless fine needles. The substance will therefore be injected and absorbed evenly throughout the skin and bring out an effective outcome.
baby face injection korea
 <Before & After of Baby face injection procedure>
Would you be able to do it while traveling?
The results show about a week after the procedure. On the day of, there may be redden parts on the skin, so wearing makeup is not a good idea. From the hospital, the doctors may say that putting on makeup is fine, but the less, the better. The redden parts will disappear the next day, but the sensitive skin may continue up to three days. Since it is a procedure that leaves an effect on the face, hydration is crucial. Drinking alcohol, smoking, sauna or anything that will make you dehydrated will be unhelpful in healing. So watch out for those for about a week!
Always make sure that the injection is certified!
In the injections, there are certain certified substances. Some hospitals secretly make up injection substances but every doctor must follow the rules depending on the substance, such as the amount that can be used and the way it has to be used. If the directions are not followed, it can lead to a number of side effects. In Korea, the law and the directions to be followed are pretty strict so you can assume that the majority of the injections are safe. Always be cautious of what is used upon your body!
This sums up the information about the popular Baby face injection in Korea. There will be more variety of news coming up, so please look forward to them!

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