Cellulite, I want to get rid of them now!

No one can avoid cellulites. No matter how skinny you are; cellulites can threaten your body shape. Relatively cellulites are seen among women more than men, since women’s body is more likely to stock body fat. Facing this natural truth, we still do not want to be generous towards the cellulites that pile up like orange peels. When cellulites get severe, their touch feels like solid lump if pressed strongly. Not only do they harm aesthetics of our bodies, in case left unattended, cellulites also become causes for numerous diseases – thus, we sincerely do want to say goodbye to them forever!
Cellulites are orange-peel-like skin changes around fatty-prone body parts; such as thighs, hip, and abdomen. They are usually seen through eyes or felt when touched, lacking in elasticity and sometimes feeling colder than other skin parts. They are closely related with partial obesity, but because cellulites bring structural changes throughout derma, fat layer, and microcirculatory blood flow, they are even more vicious than an ordinary type of obesity. Resulting elaborate changes of fat and connective tissue after penetration of excessive body fluid and fat into subcutaneous parts signifies the cellulites.
What if you want to get rid of cellulites?
Cellulites are not a kind of disease, so they are not approached through treatments. There are many people who want to mend them since they are not a normal type of skin shape, but it is more important to fix daily habits first.
1) Drink enough water everyday
2) Avoid drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes
3) Have exercise regularly and eat food regularly
4) Better to avoid food rich in fat and carbohydrate, plus those lacking in fiber
It's easier said than done. You may even feel upset hearing this. These daily habits are so easy and yet so hard to keep up. But if you hear about cellulite syndrome, it may just make you pledge to maintain them.
What is the real problem? It is Cellulite Syndrome!
We cannot say that cellulite is a type of disease. There would be many people thinking that it is not much of a big deal if you are confident about yourself, but actually, cellulites should not be left untouched. Cellulite is a state when our body’s skin has caught chronic inflammation and fibrosis progression is going on. The chronic infection fails to recover the impaired tissue to its original state, and instead fills the vacancy with fibrosis tissue. Thus, cellulite is the sickened body fat and bodily waste. By declaring war on cellulites, we can keep our health in the long run.
Are there diverse methods being developed to combat cellulites?
Please be curious about many movements inside medical world to fight against cellulites! Firstly, there are diverse therapeutic methods, which include ultrasonic-waves therapy / thermo-therapy / compression therapy / massage therapy / fat-burning electronic needle / medicinal therapy. For severe cases, liposuction is conducted, but for those who just worry about cellulites, a surgery would not be recommended.
Main priority is to discuss with medical staff to find out my body is at what kind of state. Already in the market, there are diverse products to eradicate cellulites. There is plenty of information if you only look for - ranging from massage machines, cream, to body scrubs, etc. but you have to consult with professionals on whether they fit you or not. Unexpectedly, for low-levels of cellulites, much effect can be achieved just by trying on these products in the market. But we know human kind likes to keep on advancing – and there are safer therapies abound, therefore it is important to search well enough.
In Korea, many women are looking into different methods of mezzo-therapy and endermologie, etc. However, since they require hospital visits many times a week for quite long and bring severe pain in the process, they are inappropriate for people coming from abroad. So recently there are other types of methods designed, such as directly getting rid of cellulites through ultrasonic waves. For people who find liposuction pressuring, mini-liposuction has been widely chosen for targeting small local body parts of a finger-length size.
Before checking on these diverse choices you have, the first thing to do is sticking to daily habits EUNOGO recommended above, and to manage edema. Only when our body’s excretion system works properly, we can protect our health and beauty. We wish for your success!
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