Meet the Team: Jun, Concierge Manager

Meet the people behind Eunogo. Jun is Eunogo's Concierge Manager. For some of our Eunogo customers, you would have already met her during your treatments in Korea. With a smile on her face, she is always happy to meet our customers and share about the latest beauty treatments in Korea.

We interviewed Jun to see what it's like working in the front lines, and also find out more about her previous experiences in the service industry.

What do you do at Eunogo? What is a typical day at work like for you?

Jun accompanying Jasmine from Singapore for procedures at a clinic in Seoul

I work as a concierge manager at Eunogo. I am the one who meet and directly communicate with our clients. I accompany them not only as a medical translator but also as a guide. When I imagine myself having to go to a hospital alone while  overseas where there is a language barrier, I feel very nervous and scared. Likewise, I try to make my clients feel at ease as if they are with their local friends or relatives so that they can rely on me.

Besides, I also research on popular procedures that are in high demand or that we receive lots of requests for. I work on listing them on our website so that our customers can have easier access to them. I'm also in charge of training and managing schedules for other medical coordinators at Eunogo. My role requests me to be in both office and our affiliated clinics to take care of clients. And I feel happier and more alive when I meet and greet clients in person!

What did you work as before Eunogo?

Before Eunogo, I worked as a cabin crew for Singapore Airlines for about 5 years. Since I like meeting people and travelling around, it was the perfect career for me. Furthermore, I wanted to live in a foreign country since I had never been away from Korea at that time. I really enjoyed the work but I had to resign to come back to Korea because I got married recently and my husband is in Korea! It was kind of sad but I wanted to prioritize being around my family over my career. I have no regrets and I am happy that I found Eunogo as the next step in my career!


Is there anything you miss from Singapore?

I really miss Singapore and the time I spent there. I hope I get a chance to have a business trip to Singapore someday! Oh and I miss the food too. My favorite hangover dishes are Tom Yum Ban Mian, Bak Chor Mee, Bak Kut Teh, Nasi Lemak, Cereal Prawn, Garlic Kang Kong... I can't even count them all. I heard Jumbo Seafood just opened their first outlet in Korea. I can't wait to try their Chilli Crab again!

You must love traveling. What are the things you check out first when visiting a new country?

The first few things I search for when I'm planning a trip are definitely nice restaurants and cafes. Having good food is a priority for me! It makes me very happy when I have a delicious meal with my loved ones. Nowadays, when I go to Southeast Asia, I always book a cooking class too. I think it is not only lots of fun but also a very meaningful experience. I can take a look around local markets, have a chance to communicate with local people, and we share the dishes with each other after the class!

Are there any similarities or differences between your previous job and as Concierge Manager in Eunogo?

They are quite similar in that I provide service to my customers. They are also similar in that some of my customers are very excited and some of them are very nervous. Another similarity is that I have to personalize my service according to each customer's personality and mental state. I feel very rewarded when customers feel satisfied and are thankful for my service.

The difference is that as a cabin crew, I will rarely get to meet my customers again after the flight, but in the case of concierge, I keep in constant contact with my customers and often get to meet them again. Another difference is that as a cabin crew, we deal with a large number of customers, while concierge is mostly 1:1 interaction, so it is easier to build deeper relationships with customers at Eunogo.

Do you have any tips for first-time travelers to Korea, either to do plastic surgery or even just for leisure?

There are so many interesting and attractive parts of Korea. When I worked with Singapore Airlines, I saw my colleagues and passengers do so much shopping that their bags exceeded the check-in allowances and they was mostly filled with food and cosmetics. I know Korean cosmetics are good and have reasonable prices too. But everyone knows that, and it is starting to get old. There are so many effective cosmetic procedures out there. Even for those who are not interested in surgery, you can experience Korean beauty technology instantly with just a simple treatment! There are too many plastic surgery clinics and dermatologists in Korea and many travellers don't know where to begin searching for the best clinic for their concerns. Don’t worry, we are here to help you!

Is there a particularly memorable experience from work?

One of my customers wanted to come back for Cell-Cut Injection and NCTF Filorga Injection a couple of months after her first treatment, and she told my colleague that she would like to have me as her coordinator again. Unfortunately, I already had planned for a summer holiday during her requested appointment day. We suggested another coordinator instead. The customer declined and actually changed her travel plans and delayed the schedule so that I can accompany her for the procedures. It was quite surprising for me. I was very happy that I could feel that my customers trust me and count on me.

Lastly, is there anything you would like to say to Eunogo customers?

Please do not hesitate to approach us! I know some of you have a negative view of plastic surgery or might be too scared or nervous to decide on getting plastic surgery. If you have a certain part of your face or body that causes you to be unconfident or even depressed, then why not do something about it? Give it a shot and I am sure you won’t regret! Of course, it is really important to find the right place if it is your first time getting a surgery. Eunogo only works with trustworthy, top-tier clinics that have passed our strict screening criteria. So you can trust us and give us a chance to make you look and feel even more beautiful! :)