Eunogo Picks: Our Top 4 “Light” Beauty Treatments to Try in Seoul

So you happen to be in Seoul, the cosmetic surgery capital in Asia and find yourself surrounded by the huge plastic surgery and skin care clinics; go ahead and give something light a try! The clinics are highly experienced and skilled as cosmetic procedures are more commonplace and so much more affordable than other countries. Even if you’re not intending to get a drastic face lift but want to feel more confident and beautiful, we have curated some fuss-free, simple and effective beauty treatments that locals like to get or foreigners could take advantage of.

1. Aqua peel

Get your skin pampered with this skincare treatment set. Especially popular in summer, aqua peel is one of the more affordable and effective treatments that clinics offer. It’s a 3 step process. Basically, it exfoliates your skin with solutions containing AHA, cleans your pores of blackheads and impurities, and then fills your skin with nourishing and vitamin packed essences. It feels great and so refreshing!

2. Mole/scar/freckle removal

Get a mole removed for as little as US$10! Prices vary depending on clinic and mole size but a lot cheaper than most countries at US$50 even for large coin sized moles*. How great is that?

3. Eyebrow, eyeliner, hairline, lip semi-permanent make-up

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You’ve probably heard of this, also known as embroidery, it is fairly commonplace for ladies nowadays to get semi-permanent make-up on eyebrows and eyeliner but lips and hairline are the new additions that Korean women also like to get for that perfect “no makeup but I still look flawless” look. The hairline procedure is where the embroidery creates the look of a smaller and rounder forehead also filling in sparse or uneven parts of your hairline. The procedure on your lips can make your lips look fuller and makes discoloured dead lips rosy and pink again. No more worries about looking tired if your lipstick wears off.

light treatments in seoul

 Before and after hairline semi-permanent make-up (Photo credit: plushu) 

4. Derma Shine or Aqua Shine Injection

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Moisturizing and filling treatment for baby-like soft skin! Rejuvenates the skin and reduces the appearance of wrinkles and pores while intensely hydrating and moisturizing to give the skin a glowing look (hence the name). Calibrated microneedles inject essential nutrients, vitamins, hyaluronic acid, botox or dysport and other antioxidants into the skin. Too good to be true? That is exactly the reason why it is highly recommended by locals and widely used by celebs in Asia and Hollywood alike.

There are so many highly skilled and certified clinics in Seoul that you can visit and get a taste of why it is a cosmetic surgery leader. However, be wary of beauty salons that offer these services and make sure that you go to a medically certified clinic to ensure safety and hygiene. Your safety and beauty is important to us!

*Prices and procedures different clinics offer may vary.

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