How To Reduce Swelling After Plastic Surgery

Have you ever wondered how celebrities get plastic surgery if their schedules are so tight all the time? The answer to that is that there are some ways to quickly reduce swelling so that your downtime is minimized. This is also useful for foreigners who are travelling to Korea for plastic surgery. Since most of them usually plan for a short trip of around 1-2 weeks, they are unable to stay in Korea for a long time. Today, we'll talk about some of the best ways to quickly reduce swelling after surgery.

To effectively reduce bruising and swelling, we have to understand why they occur. Bruising appears after surgery because of blood leaking from small blood vessels (capillaries). Bruising is completely normal and is rarely serious. As for swelling, it occurs because of the incisions made during surgery. This prompts the body to flood the surgical areas with fluids, white blood cells, and other chemicals to start the healing process. This process is known as inflammation or swelling and is a normal part of healing. Both bruising and swelling are common after plastic surgery, and go away within a few weeks after the surgery.

Both facial surgeries and body surgeries are immensely popular in Korea. Some popular facial surgeries include eye surgeries, nose surgeries, facial contouring or facial fat grafting surgeries while the most common body surgeries are breast augmentation and liposuction. To help you cope with swelling, we'd like to recommend some of the best treatments and tips to do before and after your surgery to reduce swelling.

Before the surgery:

1. Make sure you are in the pink of health!

      Your body will be able to recover faster if you are healthy. A healthy body will minimize complications, and ensure you have a smooth recovery. Keep healthy before your surgery by consuming enough water, having a balanced diet, and getting sufficient rest and exercise.

      2. Premium Medical Theraspa – Medical Lymph Massage

      At Chaum’s Premium Medical Theraspa, the Medical Lymph Massage promotes blood and lymph circulation, muscle relaxation, stress relief, detoxification, body slimming, and the strengthening of immune system. This spa can relax your mind and prepare your body and mind for the upcoming surgery.

      3. Evercell Anti-aging Facial – Stem Cell Therapy

        This Stem Cell Anti-Aging facial at Chaum includes a Lymphatic Drainage Massage is great as a  pre-surgery treatment to prep your skin. The treatment is meant to help patients to be in their best condition before surgery. The Lymphatic Drainage Massage improves blood circulation and amplifies the effects of the other serums. Here’s a testimony from Sophia who got this before her surgery makeover, “After the therapy, my muscles were less tense and I felt emotionally calmer. I honestly felt quite prepared to step into the surgery room the next day.”.

        After the surgery:

        1. Being consistent with using the pressure bands/compression garments provided.

            There are a lot of patients who do not consistently use their pressure bands and compression garments during the first one to two weeks after their surgeries, but doing so is actually very important. Head pressure bands are usually given for v-line surgeries and compression garments are usually given for body surgeries. Although they are uncomfortable, they help the swelling to go down faster, and prevent the skin from healing rigidly or unevenly.

            2. Drink lots of pumpkin juice!

            Photo Credit: GNM자연의품격

              Believe it or not, pumpkin juice has amazing properties that can help you reduce swelling quicker. Since it can be difficult to consume solid food after facial surgery, pumpkin juice can be a great alternative since it is liquid, yet contains lots of nutrients.

              3. Do light exercises such as walking about.

                When you feel ready, you should do some light exercises such as walking around the neighbourhood. This is recommended by many plastic surgeons because light exercise improves your blood circulation. An improved blood circulation will allow the excess fluids to be carried away quicker, which will reduce your swelling.

                4. Applying bruise cream onto your bruises.

                Bruise creams can help to fade bruises more quickly and also relieve pain. If you are worried about showing your bruises in public, you will be glad to know that bruise creams are very effective. The quicker the bruises fade, the earlier you can head out onto the streets! You can get them at pharmacies or your plastic surgery clinic may provide them. If you need help getting one, you can always approach our friendly Eunogo concierge. 

                5. Intensive Moisturizing & Soothing Facial

                As its name suggests, this facial is intensively moisturizing and soothing. It helps to sooth the skin on your face, which may become irritated after a surgery. The facial is gentle yet effective, which is suitable for post-surgery skin. It works by penetrating deep into skin and providing moisture on a more intense level. This facial is great for people of all ages who wish to restore their skin's natural moisture barrier.


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